Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Foam with Activated Carbon – a review

Any Filipino teenager has been familiar and used any Ponds product at some point in their lives. It became a household name for beauty products, it’s a drugstore brand, it’s cheap and it delivers. But as years go by, we found and used other products, some are even expensive than Ponds. In the recent years, Ponds has evolved and from one variant, it released new range of products that cater to everyone’s special needs.

A recent TV commercial from Ponds shows the Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Foam with Activated Carbon. Activated carbon promises to remove deep-seated dirt and detoxify the skin from impurities. I wasn’t sold at the TV commercial but when I saw this product in the grocery with its sleek black packaging, I snagged a tube, yeah packaging counts!

Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam

I’m not surprised to the idea of carbon or charcoal used in beauty products since Korean beauty products use this ingredient too, I find it effective just like my Beauty Credit charcoal nose patch which effectively pulls away whiteheads and blackheads.

Now, for the Ponds Facial Foam, the cream is silver in color I only need a pea-sized amount to make a lather on my face. I don’t really like the scent though, it’s more masculine to me compared to the Ponds White Beauty product I used prior to the black one. After rinsing, it really left my face squeaky clean but without feeling tight. No breakouts after weeks of using this product every night.

However, I noticed that my skin became dry and lacked that glow and moisturized effect. Maybe because of oil control properties of this product.

If you want to try Ponds with Activated Carbon, you can buy the Php 5 5-gram sachet. My 50-gram tube costs approximately Php 80.


  1. I was approached by the salesgirl to try this probably because I have dark brown skin. But I refused because I have no plans nor dreams to become fairer or lighter. I’m very blessed to have dark skin that most people in the world envy —and a skin color that has more melanin to inhibit harmful UV rays and a skin color that was made for the tropical land and weather we have here in the Philippines.
    The squeaky clean feeling is typically a sign of “dryness”—-if a cleanser leaves you “too squeaky clean” —-it is drying and of course, no moisturizing ingredients–which most women need.


  2. Maybe it’s because of my oily skin type, i don’t know, but heck this new version of Ponds gives me pimples. I love the scent especially the soothing effect it gives after using it but I noticed that on the next day, a pimple or two appears on my face. So I decided to stop using it and eventually forgot that I still have this product. After a month, I tried this again and yeah same thing happened. I get pimples the next day. I don’t know why :/


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