Perfect Place for Christmas Vacation in Cebu City

One of the reasons why Cebu is such a popular vacation destination is that it has something for everyone, no matter what kind of tourist you are. It has beaches for those who would like to spend their break getting their feet in sand. There are cultural tours that would fascinate those who are into Philippine history, religion and art. It is also famous for its cuisine which attracts gourmands and foodies alike. And if you are into festivals and fiestas, some of the grandest, biggest and most-awaited are also held in Cebu.

And if that’s not enough, Cebu is also a great place to spend your Christmas vacation in, precisely because of the reasons above. Each and every family has their own Christmas traditions, whether its opening the gifts together, what kind of food should be served, what they should do and where to spend it. If traveling during Christmas is your thing, Cebu just might be the perfect destination for you.

Ask those who live in Cebu, and they will tell you how lovely Christmas can be. There are Christmas attractions such as the giant Christmas Tree in Fuente Osmena Circle and the Symphony of Lights in Ayala Terraces. You can also visit holiday theme parks such as the Anjo World Theme Park and Snow World Cebu. It is also possible to have a quiet family seaside Christmas, such as the kind those living in Corona Del Mar enjoy. Located in Talisay, Cebu and developed by Filinvest Land, spending Christmas here is probably the most intimate kind of Christmas you can have in Cebu — just you and your family at home, enjoying fabulous views of the sea and horizon while completely feeling the holiday spirit.

corona del mar cebu

But of course, there are other options where those who want to experience a Cebuano Christmas can stay. After all, Cebu is not Cebu if not having something everyone and anyone can enjoy.

1. Shangri-La Mactan (Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu)

If a luxury vacation for Christmas is right up your alley, then Shangri-La Mactan is the place for you. While admittedly on the upscale side, Shangri-La Mactan makes every penny well spent by giving guests the best experience: it boasts of an alluring beachfront setting, and is a mere 20-minute drive from Cebu International Airport. Shangri-La Hotels are known to perfectly mix luxury, comfort, wellness and nature relaxation, and this one in Cebu does not disappoint. And for sure, the Christmas spirit is alive and well here too!

2. Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel (Mactan Island, Cebu)

A favourite among tourists and locals alike, Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel has been around or almost 40 years. The beachfront resort is known for its Filipino-Spanish inspired design, and boasts of a private white sand beach, several outdoor pools and beautiful tropical gardens for guests who would prefer a Christmas that is quite close to nature while at the same provided all the modern comforts that they would want. It also offers leisure activities and spa services.

3. Mad Monkey Hostel (Cebu City, Cebu)

If you’re the type who loves to be in the center of it all and in close proximity to big city Christmas lights and feeling all the holiday rush around you, then Mad Monkey Hostel is right up your alley. It is located very close to the famous tourist spots in the city, and hosts DJ-powered parties at night. It also has an in-house Filipinio Fusion restuarant for those with an adventurous taste palate, an infinity pool and sun deck when you want to wind down. It’s also very budget-friendly, and will allow you to mingle with the other guests who are looking for a city lights-decorated kind of holiday.

4. Radisson Blu Hotel (Cebu City, Cebu)

You’d be hard-pressed to find another hotel in Cebu that celebrates Christmas the way Radisson Blu Hotel does. They are famous for their Christmas decorations that attracts hordes of visitors every year: lavish light displays, elegant Christmas decorations and their iconic, gigantic blue Christmas tree situated in the middle of their lobby. They also offer value-for-money holiday packages, which also allow guests to enjoy the great food they’ve become known for which of course, includes the famous Cebu lechon. They also hold holiday concerts and parties and in the spirit of giving, would often be in the benefit of their chosen charitable institutions and organizations. Now that is one way of truly remembering the meaning of the season, and in the most fun way possible.

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