My 2nd 10-miler at the Yakult 25th Run

The 16 km at the Yakult 25th Run was my second 10 miler after the New Balance Power Run. Normally,  I would just register for a safer distance of 10 km or 5km but this year, I plan to push harder since I’m going to the gym after office hours. I also missed Run United 1 last week because we’re in Palawan, so I was excited to register for this race when I returned last Monday. But I learned that registration were already closed in Mizuno stores, but seems that I was meant to run for this race because Mizuno Philippines gave me a race kit!

It’s my first time to join a race that starts at the CCP Complex, Jeff, who was recovering from a trail run last Saturday, drove me to the venue. We went there early to look for a parking space and also to claim my race kit.

Yakulth 25th Run 2014

Noelle of led the warm up, she’s my running idol :p. Gun start was 5:30 am, I was actually looking for a route map online but can’t find any so I don’t have any idea where this race will take me. Turns out that from CCP, runners will turn right to Roxas Boulevard going to Coastal Mall U-turn and then head to Luneta, U-turn and back to CCP.

I have a good pace until passing through 2 flyovers, waaaah, and that means passing the flyovers twice, I walked to the uphill parts. Without prior knowledge with the race route, I actually thought that the U-turn for 15 km will be at Quirino, so after the last flyover, I was in high spirits and pushed myself to run faster. At the Quirino stoplight, U-turn signs for 16km was nowhere to be found, and 16km runners will have to run to Luneta. I was alternately walking-running along the Roxas Blvd. My knees/joints are starting to get heavy as I tried to run faster. I stopped by most water stations for some cold water, no Gatorade or other electrolyte drinks here. Sponges are also available.

I planned to finish the 16 km around 1 hour and 42 minutes, my time for my 10-km in last year’s RU3, but I need more endurance and training to do that. When I crossed the finish line, it’s already 2:01 but it’s still an improvement than my records last year. And it’s only the beginning, here’s the start of longer races and stronger finish.


  1. Congratulations!!! OMG di ko pa kaya yan. Will be cheering you on for sure in a year or two you will be running your first Marathon


  2. That’s still a good time for 16K. Congrats. I’m sure you’ll get faster in time.



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