Secret is out at Mr. Roboto

One of the best things of living in the South is discovering restaurants that really serves good food, bonus is that most of them are really interesting and unique. When in Alabang Town Center and you’re looking for a place to eat, just go to ATC Corporate Center, the Sykes Building, you’ll definitely find what you’re craving for. There’s Senor Pollo, Silantro, Purple Oven, and Salad Stop.

But I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… there’s a newly opened modern Japanese resto everyone is talking about, Mr. Roboto!

mr. roboto ph

Mr. Roboto is just beside Senor Pollo, you won’t miss the bright facade with colorful posters of robots like Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Gundam, etc. 80s kids like us can’t help but feel giddy and young again!

Mr. Roboto’s menu offers appetizers, chirashi, donburi, gendai sashimi, gendai sushi, meshi, and desserts. For appetizers, Nori Nachos caught my attention. Gwen loves nori and making it crunchy like nachos is a work of a genius. This plate of Nori Nachos has nori chips, crispy kani, pickled tuna, spicy salmon, wasabi mayo, and cream cheese. I love the play of creamy and crunchy textures. It will be a sin not to order this when you eat here.

nori nachos

Nori Nachos, Php 350, serves 2-3

To those who love their rice bowls, they have Katsu and you get to choose if you want it with gravy or curry. We got Pork Katsu in Roboto Curry, it also comes with a cheese sauce. Aside from the pork tonkatsu, there’s also grilled vegetables. Jeff liked the curry sauce but for the pork tonkatsu, I think they can make it juicier and more tender.

katsu curry

Pork Katsu, Php 395

Gendai means modern, so in the menu that says Gendai Sushi, expect modern take on your usual sushi. I ordered the Shake Nigiri because it says from the menu that it’s a must try. The Shake Nigiri is very Instagrammable, it’s a pink sushi rice with secret secret beets sauce, negi salmon, and soy truffle. The beets sauce is something new to my tastebuds, I expected it to be earthy because of the beets. But I got a creamy and sweet taste beets sauce that you’ll also taste in the sushi rice. This is really flavorful I didn’t bother to dip it in soy sauce nor ask for wasabi.

shake nigiri

Shake Nigiri, Php 245

They have Japanese beers but I was taken aback with the price, 500 pesos a bottle! So I settled for Sojukult instead, it’s Jinro Soju plus Yakult.


Sojukult, Php 295

Now that secret is out, we’ll surely come back for their Nori Nachos and try their other modern take on sushi.

mr roboto alabang

Domo arigato Mr. Roboto, happy tummies make a happy family.

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