Mi Goreng in 999 Mall

Don’t you just love Divisoria? Aside from finding really cheap items, you can also have a food trip in their food court section. Do you know that there’s a stall in 168 Mall’s food court that sells really good takoyaki? Well, it’s been there for ages so Divi-goers should know this. Anyway, I found another interesting shop that sells Mi Goreng at the 3rd Floor of 999 Mall.

mi goreng 999 mall

I noticed people lining up and then I got hungry from the smell. Turned out that it’s a store that sells Indomie Mi Goreng. 25 pesos for the Plain, 35 pesos if you want Kani toppings on your noodles. They also sell the Mi Goreng for 15 pesos per pack in case you want to cook at home.

There’s a thrill in lining up for your food so I joined the crowd.

mi goreng 999 mall

mi goreng philippines

One lady cooks the noodles, drain it and transfer to a bowl for the sauces. You can request not to put the hot sauce.

indomie mi goreng

Pay for your instant mi goreng and enjoy it piping hot! Oooops sorry, forgot to take a photo, I got hungry waiting in line.

The Mi Goreng stall is located at the 3rd Floor of 999 Mall, it’s the shop near the escalator.



  1. andun pa kaya ito? dadayuhin ko makatikim lang uli ng indomie


    Badet Siazon Reply:

    Andun pa sya. Pero kung malayo sayo, meron naman sa SM Supermarkets/Hyper ng Indomie 🙂


  2. IndomiEater says

    50+ po yata presyo nito sa mga sm supermarkets


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