Make Your Own Havaianas 2010: Tips for first-timers

It’s Make Your Own Havaianas 2010 once again, MYOH event is now on its fifth year. Havaianas fanatics will surely be lining up again at Rockwell Tent on April 22-26, 2010 to get their hands on customized pairs of Havaianas. What should we look forward to this Make Your Own Havaianas 2010:

By offering a number of stylish, new options- from silver Letter Pins and Swarovski-Studded Pins to Jelly, Fluorescent and Glow-In-The-Dark straps and a Philippine-designed Commemorative Sole and Pin, this year’s Make Your Own Havaianas provides more style options than ever before.

Some pins available for MYOH 2010:

Make Your Own Havaianas 2010 pins

I’m pretty sure the patriotic designed-sole will be the first one to get sold out. I’m not sure if I’ll go this year, I think I’m already past my Havaianas addiction, and there’s still a lot more pairs still in their boxes for me to wear. =)

For first-timers, here are some tips to make your Make Your Own Havaianas event enjoyable:

1. Go to Rockwell Tent VERY EARLY. If you can go at 8 am or 9 am, then do so, you won’t believe how crazy lines can get from 10 am onwards. 2 years ago, we fell in line 11 am and got inside the tent past 4pm already!

2. Be prepared before the event. Eat heavy breakfast so you won’t mind staying long in the lines or inside the tent. Have your pen ready because you’ll need it when filling out the info sheet to customize your pair. Ask for the brochure while falling in line so that you can already decide which color combination and MYOH pins to include.

3. Wear comfortable clothes. There’s no air conditioning available inside and outside the tent, just huge fans. And with all the people inside, expect it to be hot and humid. Wear your most comfortable outfit, wear your Havaianas.

4. Bring a companion. Your companion will be really a lot of help for this event, to tell stories to while falling in line, to take your pictures, to help you decide what colors and pins, to fall in line at the cashier while you’re still wandering around the event.

5. Maximize your MYOH experience. This happens only once a year so make plenty of customized Havaianas pairs not just for you but for family and friends. A MYOH pair is a perfect gift for someone so why not grab the opportunity to make unique gifts.

6. Credit cards are accepted.

Enjoy MYOH 2010 and please leave a comment about your experience, I’d love to hear your stories. =)


  1. inggit nanaman ako… haha… flip flops here aren’t really in. Korean women wear high heels all year round. promise, you’ll even see one or two wearing hills while climbing a mountain, kainis…
    .-= jehan´s last blog ..Cheers to the Cherry Blossoms…. =-.


  2. Hi! Would you happen to know if I can purchase straps only? Broke 3, my son broke 1 and my husband also broke 1. Now there are 5 perfectly good pairs of Havaianas sitting in our house collecting dust. Only the straps are broken. Thanks in advance.


    Badet Reply:

    I asked this last year, unfortunately it’s a No =( I have to buy the straps together with the sole and if I just want the strap, I don’t have to ask the assistants to connect the straps to the soles.

    Like you, I murdered 2 havs already.


  3. haven’t try this yet at wala ata ako balak… lalo pa mahaba ang pila. hehehe

    pero kung walang pila baka sakaling subukan ko pa 😀


  4. dinumog ang DAY 1 ng MYOH 2010…super dami ng pips…haba ng pila…labas at loob… =) picture taking lang ginawa ko…hehe…
    balik na lang ako before mag end ang event…para sa MYOH pairs …=)


  5. If the event is on running shoes, I’d love to be there 🙂

    Hindi mo pa nablog ang Merrell Adventure Run mo? When will be your next?


  6. amitaf",) says

    this year I’ve experienced the MYOH@5!!!!!!!!!!!

    it was really a blast….we arrived @ around 4 and got finished around 8…..
    the experience was quite good because my sister bought me again another pair….
    I really love the pins……and the colors of the soles were great….
    hope to be there again next year………”,)


  7. We have just got the Havaianas Booth in Dublin, I had so much fun picking out my soles, straps however I was slightly disappoint in the range of pins & badges especially the letters. Here’s a link to my review if you’re interested 🙂


  8. do you know the next MYOH? i would really love to have my own pair but I don’t have their scheds…


  9. where can i buy pins for havaianas? I only want the pins though… Thanks…



  1. badet says:

    shares (tips before going to Make Your Own Havaianas event)

  2. badet says:

    Some tips before going to the Make Your Own Havaianas event #MYOH

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