Luxury Hotels to Check at the End of Summer

Summer has not yet waved its goodbye on us. There is still time for one last trip and what better way to end the summer, then cruising yourself into a luxury hotel? The world is full of some luxurious experiences and new hotels are popping up to give us the opportunity to live like queens and kings – if only for a few days.

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So, take out the credit card and get ready for the ultimate end of summer party. Here are the luxury hotels you need to stay in during the final days of the seasons – suddenly the closing autumn doesn’t feel that bad.

The Brando, Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

How about a secret island just for you? OK, you’ll naturally share with all the other guests, but the Brando luxury hotel is just one of a kind. The island location is exclusive and stunning. You’ll feel like you’ve been taken from the earth and placed in your own little paradise.

You get to sleep in some of the most stunning rooms, with every detail being looked after. You have some of the most stunning spa treatments at your fingertips and the activities you can participate in are just going to add an extra layer of fun to your holiday.

The Lanesborough, London, England

Luxury hotels are even better when they have a bit of history on their side and the location is top-notch. London’s the Lanesborough is definitely going to tick both boxes. The elegant building used to be a country house before it was turned into a hospital, and now, a luxury hotel. It sits near Hyde Park, offering you the best chance to explore London.

The hotel’s biggest selling point is the service. It doesn’t feel anything but charming when you walk through the door. You’ll be greeted with smiles and all of your needs will be met instantaneously.

Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia

The Nihi resort is a rather exciting luxury destination. It’s not just about luxury, but the resort is also an eco-friendly destination. Perfect for those who want to escape while also enjoying an adventure of sorts.

There is plenty to do around the resort as well – you get surf, go fishing or trek to the nearby waterfalls. If you want to just relax, the restaurant and spa offer you plenty of relaxation.

Beniya Mukayu, Japan

Japan offers plenty to see and Kanazawa is one of the most luxurious locations to see. When you visit this beautiful garden-like town, you must stay in Beniya Mukayu. The hotel will provide you with a relaxing experience – the futons are so comfortable and the morning yoga classes just add something extra to this experience.

Each room comes with its own spring bath and the hotel’s selection of kimonos to wear is just stunning. You will also be treated to traditional kaiseki cuisine, which is bound to make you want to visit this place again.

Boston Harbour Hotel, the USA

Boston might not seem like the first destination for luxury hotels, but the Boston Harbour Hotel offers an experience like no other. The hotel sits in the waterfront and it’s only a short ride away from the hustle of the city.

The doormen will always greet you with a smile and there’s a lovely homelike feel to this large luxury hotel. The rooms come in all shapes and sizes, offering something for everyone. Now, it’s not just the luxury dreams you should experience, you also need to test the stunning dining room.

The Ritz-Carlton Langkawi, Malaysia

For those that want to be the first to experience something luxurious, the new Ritz-Carlton Langkawi hotel in Malaysia is the resort the book. You can now book your stay from October 1st onwards – the hotel is brand new so you’ll be greeted with pristine conditions.

The hotel comprises of luxury rooms and villas that blend in with a traditional kampong village. You get an authentic Malaysian experience, as well as plenty of luxury with the spa treatments. The rainforest is right next-doorto the Andaman Sea also offering spectacular scenery.

Enjoying luxury the smart way

Now, the above hotels are definitely worth it. There is nothing bad in treating yourself – after all, you do put in a lot of hard work with work, family and social life. You might still also enjoy having a bank account that doesn’t scream debt.

The good news is that enjoying a bit of luxury time doesn’t mean the end of the world. You just need to be smart with your booking. Always opt to book your luxury hotel experience a head of time or at the final moment. This guarantees you the best rates. You should use travel portals and utilise discount codes on lavish Hotels if you are looking for some extra savings. When you do want a bit of luxury, travel smart. For example, picking an end of summer holiday will cost less than travelling directly on the busiest travel season.

So, pick your favourite luxury hotel from the above list and treat yourself to a summer surprise!

You should use travel portals and utilise discount codes for some extravagant hotels if you are looking for some extra savings.

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