Luxurious Decor Elements – Create your Own Vacation Hot Spot

Have you been dreaming of going to Venice, Paris, or Madrid? If you can’t afford it but yearn to go on vacation, create a vacation hot spot in your home and gear up for happy travels. No, having a wonderful vacation retreat in your home won’t be the same as heading to Venice, Italy, but it will definitely be a nice substitute for the time being! Here are some ways you can add beautiful décor pieces to your home and create a luxurious space that you will adore.

Water Features – Water Features are a glorious way to bring the great outdoors fromRome,Italy into the interior spaces within your home.Italy has many fountains that people travel, where they throw a coin into the water to make a wish. Gaze upon your beautiful water features in your home and use them as a focal point in your living room area. Guests will be impressed with your use of space. Make a wish every single day on your own personal fountain and be reminded of all of the marvelous travels to come.

Formal Dining Furniture – When you’re on vacation its fun to dine in beautiful restaurants that are decorated to perfection while enjoying the sights. In the same way you can decorate a formal dining room with gorgeous furniture that’s made of wood and other materials that shine. These exotic and timeless pieces will reflect a realization of your personal inspiration for travel throughout your home.

Hand Crafted Décor Pieces – Bring all of your favorite countries to your interiors by incorporating handmade pieces. Find unique and gorgeous elements such as antique brass tissue holders, kitchen décor, bath décor, and towel racks that will make all the difference in an elegant home. Look for Exotic bronze, iron, and brass decorative door knockers that will look great on all of the doors in your home as well. Buy décor that’s from all around the world and relish in the beauty that will take over your home.

Start saving up so that you can go on your actual vacation, but in the mean time look forward to decorating in your home with beautiful elements. From hand crafted pieces to water features that will offer tranquil moments in your home, your interiors will look absolutely beautiful and inviting. Now it’s time to plan so that you can go on an actual vacation and then you’ll have a charming space to come home to that will make you feel like you’re on vacation on all over again.

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She’s saving up so she can go toEurope on vacation and in the mean time loves filling her home with stylish and exotic décor pieces. 

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