Load up and get up to Php 200 GrabPay credits

We always use Grab or Uber once a week when it’s coding or when I go to events. I book with Uber or Grab, whichever gives the lowest rate. But here’s one good deal from Grab. Load up your GrabPay credits and you can get 50% more credits or (up to Php 200).

extra grabpay credits

I loaded up Php 400, I got extra Php 200, so a total of Php 600 credits! Pretty good deal right?

Here’s how to load up your GrabPay credits:

how to load grabpay

  1. Open your Grab app. Make sure that it’s updated.
  2. Tap on the menu bar at the top left corner of your screen and click the GrabPay tab.
  3. Choose your load up method (Bank Methods/ In Store or Cards).
  4. Tap on the “I WANT THE EXTRA GRABPAY CREDITS!” button. Note: you won’t be able to avail your bonus if you don’t click this tab.
  5. Input your load up value (minimum ₱200) and click submit.
  6. Your credits will appear in your Grab account depending on the load up method that you chose.

You can redeem your bonus credits 3 times. That’s extra Php 600 if you load up 3 times.

If you haven’t signed up in Grab, register using my referral link, https://invite.grab.co/1D576C. You will get Php 40 off your first ride.

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