Love Thai food? Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant in Tagaytay is one of the best

I love it when Nanay comes to visit us, it’s an excuse for us to go to Tagaytay again, go to church and try one of the restaurants there. Last time, we ate at Cafe Voila after we went to Pink Sisters. This time, we went further to Caleruega and we chose to eat in another Thai restaurant in Tagaytay, Lime and Basil.

Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant is located in Alfonso, Cavite

We arrived around 3 pm so the crowd is manageable, we were seated immediately although we wanted to seat outside in their dining are with a swing, but it’s currently reserved. I suggest that if you come here during lunch or dinner, call for reservation.

They give a complimentary appetizer while you wait for the food, it’s just kropek but I love it because of the dipping sauce. I wanted to ask for more kropek :p

lime and basil thai restaurant tagaytay

For the soup, we had Tom Yum Goong, it’s a hot and sour soup with shrimps. I love their Tom Yum soup because I can see that they used fresh herbs such as galangal, kaffir leaves, and lemongrass. We requested for mild spicy version for Gwen.

Tom Yum Goong lime and basil

Tom Yum Goong, Php 430

They have red and green curry dishes. Green curry is spicier according to the staff so we ordered the Chicken in Red Curry Sauce.

lime and basil chicken curry

Kaeng Kiew Liew Gai, Php 390

Jeff, the curry lover, gave a thumbs up on their chicken curry.

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Thai Iced Tea & Guyabano Shake in Lime & Basil

Thai Iced Tea, Php 110, & Guyabano Shake, Php 100

I was already full because their serving size is good for 2 persons but I won’t leave without trying their dessert. I was contemplating between sticky rice and mango or Tako which is tapioca pudding in pandan cups. I settled for Sticky Rice with Mango.

sticky rice and mango lime and basil

Kao Neiw Mamaung, Php 220

It’s a lovely experience dining at Lime and Basil, they also have a Songkran Edible Garden where they get their herbs and Laura’s Yard where guests can buy pretty plates and other kitchen utensils.

lime and basil thai restaurant

Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant
Sikat Road, Alfonso, Cavite



  1. I like curry dishes, too! And you had me at pretty plates (tulad ba nung lagayan nila ng kropek sa ganda?). Mabisita nga minsan yang Lime and Basil resto, hehe. 🙂


    Badet Siazon Reply:

    Yung first photo, yung nasa right sis, ganun yung plates na tinda nila. Wala akong nakitang plain.


  2. Ronah Enolva says

    I will look for that place po here at Tagaytay.. maybe someday we can visit this place and taste this delicious foods..yuum!!?


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