Life’s Little Luxuries, Without the Price Tag

It’s hard not to spend a little too much at Christmas, and most people spend January dreading the arrival of their bank statement and eagerly anticipating payday. It’s the time of year that many decide to overhaul their finances, in order to avoid a similar situation the next year. Making savings and reducing your expenditure doesn’t need to mean missing out on some of the finer things in life however, and you can still enjoy life to the full without breaking the bank. Here are a few treats, and how to make them affordable.


Taking a holiday every year may not be achievable, but a little break, or a big trip every other year is possible if you are careful. You can get more for your money if you travel outside of school holidays or are flexible with your travel times and dates. There are some great Co-operative Travel cheap holidays on their site that could put this luxury expense within your reach.

 Dining out

Going out for dinner is something that is usually reserved for special occasions, especially since the recession when dinner parties at home came back into fashion. There is something more exciting and indulgent about going out to eat however, regardless of how good your home cooking is. Look out for online vouchers and weekday deals for different restaurants and this little treat is easily doable once in a while.

 New clothes

Shopping for new clothes is one of the best stress relievers and ways to make yourself feel better. It is a difficult one to do when you are on a tight budget however, and you need to be careful about what you’re spending. Try and stick to the sales, and shops that don’t have crazy price tags in order to pick up some bargains. Fashion items have a short shelf-life too, so a cheaper alternative will last long enough to see the trend through.

Working to a budget and being sensible with money don’t mean missing out on fun things or treats. There are always ways to do things with less cash, and you will soon wonder why you ever paid full price in the first place.


  1. Life’s pleasurable moments that could give enjoyment deep within; shopping, eating-out, family bonding, swimming…endless…


  2. I agree! One of the best ways to save on eating out is to look for discount vouchers..


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