It’s fun being a nurse

If I weren’t an ECE graduate, I may be in a medical field like a nurse. Most of my cousins are nurses and med techs, sometimes I wonder how I ended up taking an engineering course which is a male-dominated field. Then I suddenly remembered that I’m afraid of blood and being inside a hospital often makes me sick, maybe because of the smell.

Back then, I pictured a hospital filled with nurses in their boring white lab coats and nursing uniforms. I can only imagine how hard it is to move around wearing immaculate white clothing. I find it too uncomfortable.

At present, we all know that nursing is one of the most in-demand courses, not only here in the Philippines but also abroad. Hence, plenty of nursing schools opened and so many nursing students and graduates that it almost reached a saturation. Hospitals in the Philippines now have plenty of younger nurses compared before, they maybe fresh graduates getting some experience for their course. And in keeping up with the times, scrub uniforms now catches the fancy of younger generation. They now come in a variety of colors, not just white, and also fun prints and patterns. It’s definitely an improvement that nurses enjoy and also patients like me too, they will surely pop out in those white hosptal walls and will add cheer to any hospital environment.

Now, who says nursing isn’t fun?


  1. HI there,
    i am not a nurse but a professional caregiver graduate i never thought that i will engaged in this profession but knowing that this is job was very in-demand i decided to give it a try, and now i’m finished the course and learned new things i adopted already to my daughter.


  2. Hello!!! Reading the title made me jump to a conclusion that you’re a nurse. I’m wrong. Haha. Well, even before the sudden worldwide demand of nurses, I have always wanted to become a nurse. Seeing that white, clean and modest uniform makes me imagine how girly I would feel when I’ll be able to wear it. I was already in high school when the famous college courses took a shift and it was time for the “nursing” department to be known. When that happened, I finally lost my interest for this course because I thought it became so “common” that almost every school teaches “nursing” and you will hardly know which among these schools have the quality and highest standard. But honestly, once in a while, whenever I have to visit the hospital for some patient friends, I can never stop myself from staring on those nurses who checks in their patients. And I wonder… ahhh!!! That’s enough! Hehehe…


  3. My younger sister is a registered nurse and it currently reviewing for her TOEFL exams.

    She really wanted to major in Fine Arts and become a designer but she wasn’t totally against taking up nursing. Right now, she’s enjoying it and looking forward to what the future may bring.


  4. nurse is one of the noble profession, and their uniforms are cute too. when i was young i like looking at the nurse as they look so friendly and clean 🙂


  5. Hey, just came across your blog. Anyway, I hafta agree. Being nurse is fun. At first I didn’t really like the idea of being one but then, I can slowly (but surely) see what great future lies ahead of me. 🙂

    Thanks for this post.

    Btw, nice blog you have. 😉


  6. Nurse, as the word suggests, it means a person who gives care. A job to always give care day and night needs a lot of love and dedication. It’s really a great career. I hope our lawmakers give them the higher salary that they deserve.


  7. Hi sis, ECE din me at ngayon ang anak ko is taking up nursing…most of barkadas in High school took up nursing at maganda naman ang nangyari sa kanila….maunlad ang mga buhay abroad..



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