Nursing uniforms: boring no more

I aspired to become a doctor or even just a nurse when I was younger. Come senior high school, I jotted down all the courses I want to take together with their advantages and disadvantages. From that list, I recalled that the reason why I didn’t pursue in the medical field is because I’m afraid of laboratory procedures and too much blood. Aside from that, I always hear my nursing student cousins complain about their uncomfortable medical uniform. They are all dressed in an all-white uniform, and they’re wearing skirts and this nursing cap. So I went on pursuing an engineering course which allowed me to wear comfortable clothes, shirt, jeans and sneakers.

old nurse uniforms

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It’s fun being a nurse

If I weren’t an ECE graduate, I may be in a medical field like a nurse. Most of my cousins are nurses and med techs, sometimes I wonder how I ended up taking an engineering course which is a male-dominated field. Then I suddenly remembered that I’m afraid of blood and being inside a hospital often makes me sick, maybe because of the smell.

Back then, I pictured a hospital filled with nurses in their boring white lab coats and nursing uniforms. I can only imagine how hard it is to move around wearing immaculate white clothing. I find it too uncomfortable.

At present, we all know that nursing is one of the most in-demand courses, not only here in the Philippines but also abroad. Hence, plenty of nursing schools opened and so many nursing students and graduates that it almost reached a saturation. Hospitals in the Philippines now have plenty of younger nurses compared before, they maybe fresh graduates getting some experience for their course. And in keeping up with the times, scrub uniforms now catches the fancy of younger generation. They now come in a variety of colors, not just white, and also fun prints and patterns. It’s definitely an improvement that nurses enjoy and also patients like me too, they will surely pop out in those white hosptal walls and will add cheer to any hospital environment.

Now, who says nursing isn’t fun?

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