Infographic: On airport security

Back in the days, my only fear on air travel is if I can land safely to my destination and no aircraft trouble will occur during the flight. These days, my added fear on air travel is because of terrorist attacks. Terrorism is everywhere and may strike anytime at any country, even in the third world country like the Philippines.
TSA or Transportation Security Administration has made efforts to tighten airport security. But if you’re an airline passenger, what will you choose, Enhanced Pat-down or full-body scanners? Take a look at the infographic below:


  1. This is one of my fears when traveling too. Why can’t we have a world without bad people? 🙁


  2. i’d choose both! but please be quick about it!:D


  3. i never into out of the country travel yet but reading this post catch my attention.. yes, it is kinda scary to travel with too many unsafety things to think about.. terrorist and/or some other people are in great numbers already and you don’t know who would trust from it.. choosing between enhance pat down and full body scanner gives me headaches hahaha.. it kinda scary to try but maybe it is good for full body scanner? i really don’t know.. hahaha it seems that booth parties is not that beneficial in some ways.. ^_^


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