I’m still earning with Ciao

Ciao is an online consumer community that lets you review of the products you used. It is helpful to all consumers because you can read other opinions by users before buying a product. You can also participate by writing product reviews of your own and let other people know about your experience. Be very detailed and specific with your reviews, if readers find your reviews, useful, they can rate it as “exceptional”, “very helpful”, “helpful”, etc…

Knowing some feedbacks about a particular product is a good thing in Ciao, but earning through your own product reviews and reading other people’s feedbacks is another thing. Last year, I wrote about the easy way to earn money on Ciao, and it has gotten a lot of positive feedbacks especially from people whose main objective is to earn money online. Later on, Ciao changed its incentive scheme which made me lose my interest on them for quite some time. Aside from that, plagiarism is very rampant with other users. They will copy product reviews from other review sites and post it as their own for others to rate. What’s amazing is that they earned a lot from it, after reporting some of them, I got tired and completely forgot about Ciao for more than 3 months.

Out of curiosity, I checked my Ciao account to see what’s going on and I was completely surprised to see that I earned without me doing anything. I withdrew my earnings from them before I left Ciao. Now, I earned $17.13 after my inactivity for three months. They still pay for reviews and ratings made after all. Just make sure that your review is helpful, detailed and honest and you’ll surely get high ratings and high earnings as well.

my earnings on Ciao after 3 months of inactivity
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  1. lizelement says

    hello! was reading your post and yes, we have the same case.. i also left ciao because of their new incentives and it is tough to earn now with no sure payment for each review! i guess i started being inactive last december.. hehe.. but was also surprised when i checked my account and found out i actually reached the payout.. haha.. smaller amount than yours though but as you say earning without doing anything, that’s already something! hehe.. actually i posted the same thing in my blog as well, many responded but some are in doubt as to whether my blog entry about ciao is true or not, they believe it is just nothing but a hoax.. hehe.. anyway, nice to know you still earn even if you’re not active as well.. hope they bring back their first incentives, $1 per review.. hehe..


  2. a little help from prof. bloggers… go pinoy… tnx in advance… Take the Online Survey


  3. good thing that this site is valid. I had tried other sites for extra earnings only to be fooled in the end. I will check this soon.tc sis!

    from me and my blogs:


  4. Thanks for the link, I will check this one out! :):):)


  5. aBIGwhale says

    aha! i will check mine 😀


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