Icebreaker Scrambles, anyone?

I’m sure everyone knows about ICE SCRAMBLE! It’s that pink ice shavings with powdered milk and chocolate syrup on top that we often see in a cart in front of our schools before. It’s one of those food that our parents didn’t allow us to buy for hygienic purposes, along with sago, sweet corn, barbecue and other street foods. But for the heck of it, I’m one of those hard-headed kids that bought them once and enjoyed it, thankfully I’m still alive after all those bacteria and microorganisms lurking on those street foods.

ice scramble

Yesterday, I was looking for some sterling silver jewelry at the lower ground floor of SM North Edsa and saw long lines for a particular food cart. Yes, the lowly ice scramble has conquered the food carts. It’s called Icebreaker Scrambles, people will really line up for ice scramble because it’s cheap and clean.

yummy ice scramble

Prices for Icebreaker Scrambles are 7, 10, 17 pesos, you also have the option to put additional toppings like extra powdered milk, mallows and rice crispies.

ice scramble with toppings

The ice scramble tastes yummy and reminded me of the childhood ice scramble I tasted, and I can be sure of food safety. I find the ice not thoroughly shaved though, I’d prefer a smoother consistency for the ice but overall, it’s one of those yummy treats that I can eat while having my leisure walk at the mall.

Jeff and I also got interested to research about having and Icebreaker Scrambles franchise but upon reading from their Multiply site, they’re no longer accepting franchise applications. To know more about Icebreaker Scrambles, visit their Multiply site.

*photos are taken from Icebreaker site


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