I hate you PLDT myDSL!

PLDT myDSL is giving me crappy service for more than a month now! I ditched Globe Broadband’s crappy service to avail of myDSL, one year subscription was great until now…

The sad speedtest.net result:

myDSL speedtest result

Take note, I did the speedtest at 2 AM, because we have NO connection during the day, zero, zilch, nada… and NO DIAL TONE too! I kept calling their lousy customer service and all they did was remote testing.

Are you experience DSL problems too? Please suggest a good Internet service provider… thanks!


  1. Hi. I have been using PLDT My DSL for quite sometime na. But it never failed on me yet… Hehehe.
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  2. there was a problem with the internet trunk because of the earthquake in taiwan this week


    Badet Reply:

    I’ve been experiencing problems for a month now. I hope PLDT fixes their problem asap and I’ll demand a rebate too…


  3. maybe you could request someone to visit your area to check the line itself. baka madumi.. ganyan samin before.. may crossline hehe..   but for over 3 years now ok naman line namin.. there are times na bagsak lang talaga due to international cable breaks..

    their customer service now, is better than before.. kasi madami na sila kalaban like globe, smart and bayantel. before talaga kahit minu-minuto mo tawagan wala.. wala silang paki kasi sila lang may dsl..

    sa comp shop din sa qc, yesterday pa may problem. buti nga sayo .48 mbs meaning 480 pa speed mo.. when we were doing the speed test yesterday it was .03 ^^ mas mabilis pa dialup haha..
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  4. We’re using Digitel’s DSL. It has some good days, it has some bad days. I think ganun naman lahat ng ISP. They can’t assure us of 0% downtime. But if it’s almost a month na, you should really ask for a rebate. When we were with Smart Bro before, 2 weeks downtime pa lang, hingi kami agad ng rebate.
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  5. Waa! That’s really bad! .48 Mbps? I don’t think I’ll have the patience to bear with that kind of speed. Naku, PLDT will install our dsl pa naman anytime within the week. I hope our connection won’t be bad. Sis, they said Skycable Broadband is the fastest and better than DSL. Skycable sana kami kaya lang it’s not yet available in our area. Ask them sis if it’s available in your area. Ang alam ko they have a 15-day free trial without you disconnecting your old ISP.

    Lots of love,
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  6. hi! first time to comment here!

    sometimes that happens to my Sky broadband too. One minute the speed is soooo way down, the next it is back to normal. but it shouldn’t be the way, especially since my subscription was the 1.5 mbps. What’s bad trip though is that they say that my subscription is “up to 1.5 Mbps” and not necessarily always 1.5 Mbps. Hahahaha.

    Oh well. so far it’s ok, except that whenever sky is down, it is too.




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