How to make your first online sale

Nowadays an increasing number of entrepreneurs in the Philippines are creating online businesses. You can literally sell anything online, from your own homemade arts and crafts, to tutorials and even your services as a writer, blogger, artist, etc.

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The online world has lowered the entry barriers for most businesses and now you don’t need more than a laptop and an Internet connection to get started. Unlike a brick-and-mortar business, you incur very little overhead costs. If you run the business from your home you have the additional benefit of saving on storage space.

The first thing you need to make your first online sale is a fantastic product. Your goods or services should meet a particular need in the community if you want to sell successfully. They should also be unique enough to catch people’s attention. If you’re selling something that is freely available elsewhere you’ll need to put more effort into your marketing and sales strategy.

Once you develop a unique product, it is time to market it to the masses online. For this you’ll need:

  • A website.

    If you’re hoping to make online sales, you’ll definitely need a well-designed website. The user interface should be neat, clear and uncluttered. The website should also be navigable to enable clients to find what they’re looking for and make purchases.Additionally, your site should have clear photos of your products or a clear description of the services you offer. These should be accompanied by a price list and payment options as well as shipping details.
  • Social media.

    You should also have social media pages dedicated to your business and products. These provide the best marketing platforms to reach out to potential customers. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are popular but you can also use Pinterest or a blog to promote your business.

While the above methods can be sufficient to land you that first sale, you should also explore other options such as advertising. The best way to go about doing this is by tapping into your personal network. This could be friends at work, the gym, sport team members and even your family. Hand out business cards or brochures with your web address and explain what you do. Word of mouth can be invaluable in advertising your business.

Furthermore, you need to explore options that make your business appear more official. For instance, you could print your company logo or letterhead with your business name and address on your products’ packaging or on your business envelope. Send these out to clients who purchase your products as part of the packaging. You can even include a thank you card inside the packages for a more personal touch. Doing this will help customers identify your business as a brand in its own right.

Once you make that first sale, remember to ask your customers to give honest reviews or feedback either via your website or social media pages. This way you can know whether your products are a hit and if there are any areas to improve upon. Commit to working hard and your online business is sure to grow.

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