Holiday photo cards

If you’re a person who wants everything personalized, then I’m pretty sure that even you’re Christmas cards sent to your friends and relatives will be your own creation. I’m just thankful for digital scrapbooking materials that are available for download online, even if I’m not that artistic, I can also make a personalized card. I made the baptismal invitations for my baby’s Christening, I just searched for an easy and simple template.

I’m not the type who still sends through snail mail though, maybe this Christmas, I’ll just send them thru email. And since I’m so proud of my baby Gwen, I’ll make a photo card with her cutest face. I’ll just search for designs on holiday photo cards.

What do you think about this?

holiday photo cards


  1. I had the same style as this last year when my daughter was a newborn.
    by the way, how’s your little one?



  2. Thanks for the heads up! Will bookmark their site for future reference.


  3. Badet…the photo is not loading.


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