Healing power of crystals and gemstones

Do you believe that crystals and gemstones have healing properties? It is said that crystals, gemstones and semi-precious stones emit a certain energy that can affect our well-being. It can either heal, bring good luck or bring a sense of harmony in our lives. It would be impossible to list all the gemstones and their purposes here so just look it up through Google. I’m actually surprised that every color of the same stone or crystal has a different purpose. As well as its finish, whether it’s rough or smooth also affects its meaning and purpose. All I know are the basic ones like rose quartz for love and jade for good health.

glass earrings

I wear semi-precious stones as a fashion accessory but I don’t rely on them for good luck or for it to bring miracle in my life. I make accessories and I use semi-precious stones together with Murano Glass to make glass necklaces. I’m not sure if the murano beads have healing properties too but they are a perfect pair especially when making glass earrings.


  1. there are people who claims it can heal them. I think if you believe in it, it will help you I guess


  2. I have read it a couple of times the healing power of crystals. In fact, my mother’s doctor also did advise her a massage ball in crystal that would help function well her fingers.
    I had once bought a crystal bracelet for myself but have not been wearing anymore. Perhaps it really does help. There are could be nature forces that distract one’s health system. And the use of crystals could possible block it to have a natural flow.


  3. Gemstones doesn’t only have healing power they look pretty too. Maybe it’s because of this that they say it has a healing property. It’s because it emits a certain kind of glow or aura to the wearer of the jewelry.


  4. I believe gemstones have healing powers. 🙂 It doesn’t hurt naman if you believe e. I agree with Zoan, believing in it helps.


  5. I didn’t know they have healing powers, but I do wear gemstones cause they look so cute and fashionable


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