Gimme a pug!

Ever since we were little, dogs have been a part of our family. Our dogs became our playmate especially when they are still puppies, playful and energetic. At that time, we always have 2 pet dogs, for me and my brother, and we would each take care of them. At present, we really don’t have time to take care of any kind of pets, even small pets. But when time comes that we’ll move to a bigger space and more time to take care of pets, I want to be an owner of a pug!

cute little pug
cute little pug

Isn’t he adorable? I don’t want any breed of dog but this. Owning a pug doesn’t require tedious dog care and dog grooming. The only thing to watch out for when taking care of the pug is to make sure that he’s not overweight, a pug only needs moderate amount of dog food. Oh I can’t wait to play with a pug and look at its almost funny face because of its wrinkles and tiny snout. And because the pug is small, I can even bring it to places, I just have to find a posh dog carrier to make him comfortable.

Does pugs as pets appeal to you? What breed of dog do you like to own?


  1. I like french bulldogs but they look similar to pugs. So i guess I like pugs too.


  2. alex has a minipin and she's very loyal… i like big dogs. we grew up owning big dogs… but that's just impossible here in korea unless you live in a really big apartment or own a house and lot or live in the countryside… i would love to have a golden retriever but should we have another dog after this minipin, i would like to have a maltese…


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