Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain

If you love books and you love reading thriller novels, then you must know Chelsea Cain, New York Times best selling author. Having gained success and a following on the first two books of the thriller series, Heartsick and Sweetheart, Chelsea Cain will be releasing the third installment of her series, Evil at Heart. Watch out for it on September 2009.

A review from Publishers Weekly about Evil at Heart:

“In Cain’s superb follow-up to Heartsick, damaged detective Archie Sheridan is back home in Portland, Ore., trying to resume a normal life. Archie’s ties to serial killer Gretchen Lowell still run deep, even if he’s stopped their weekly visits in prison. Meanwhile, reporter Susan Ward is finishing an article accusing a beloved U.S. senator of seducing his children’s 14-year-old babysitter a decade earlier. When three bodies are discovered in a local park—where Archie’s team found Gretchen’s first victim 12 years earlier—Archie worries another serial killer is at large. After the senator’s unexpected death, Susan discovers links between the sex scandal and the bodies in the park. When Gretchen escapes from prison, Archie knows he’s the only one who can stop her from killing. In Cain’s capable hands, Gretchen is both a monster and the only person who truly understands Archie’s pain. With its brisk pacing, carefully metered violence and tortured hero, Cain’s sophomore effort will leave readers desperate for more.” Publishers Weekly

To help you visualize and to give you a sneak preview of the book, watch the video below:


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