EVERday is a Happy Day at Ever Malls

Never miss a day of shopping at Ever Malls as the metro’s favorite community mall makes way for refreshing upgrades that will take daily shopping experiences to the next level with “EVERday is a Happy Day” campaign. 

Ever Malls – known as the pioneer shopping destination and a neighborhood “second home” that offers a variety of food, fashion and fun shops for over 23 years – is transforming to become the ultimate destination for retail shopping, entertainment, and leisurely enjoyment. 

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Fun shopping ‘community’ within reach

Speaking about the new campaign, Chie Arao-Santos, Head of Corporate Marketing of Ever Malls. says “EVERday” aims to instill everyday positivity in life as shopping should be one of life’s delightful experiences. The campaign also reinforces Ever Malls as a go-to shopping destination that offers fuller shopping experiences – meaning better and happier customer service and an engaging retail environment for all kinds of customers.

“We want Ever Malls to continue to be known not only as a retail haven but also as a happy place that’s worth coming back as customers would love to be here, to discover something new and exciting any time of the day. We want them to fully enjoy whatever is it that they need to do, whether it is shopping for daily essentials, hanging out with friends for food trips, or strolling leisurely with their family for relaxation,” says Arao-Santos.   

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She adds: “Our malls are strategically located. For example, our Commonwealth branch is within the vicinity of subdivisions and villages thus, accessibility and convenience are a strong point and this makes it possible for Pinoys to visit Ever Malls every day.”

To boost the excitement and positive “community-feel” that will draw customers to visit and linger in Ever Malls, the Ever Malls Group went the extra mile in incorporating various “happy” elements into the new branding concept.

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To execute the new campaign message, which was formally launched last March 24, visually stimulating vibrant colors and compelling images of beaming, happy faces were utilized to depict the joyous feeling associated with great shopping experiences.  Tying together all creative aspects is a new campaign jingle. Along with the melody is the launch of a catchy dance craze MTV.  Lastly, commemorative “EVERday is a Happy Day” items were also given away to all happy spectators during the launch event.  

Customers both old and new will also experience better shopping convenience courtesy of the newly renovated Ever Supermarket, including an assortment of casual dining foodie hubs via the new lifestyle strip Calle Bistro.  

Genuine customer satisfaction

As the campaign is designed to offer shoppers real value and satisfaction-guaranteed experiences, Ever Malls also infuses entertainment and amusement elements in its retail spaces by hosting interactive social events like live band performances, food pop-ups, celebrity bazaars, and many more.  And because customers love a good deal, incentives like promos and prizes, special discounts, as well as freebies and giveaways will be regular treats for loyal mall goers.   

“Everyday visit to Ever Malls is an EVERday happy shopping experience because customers will have a grand time exploring a vast array of offerings from upcoming new tenants with products ranging from branded items to affordable novelty products. Alongside a more diversified retail lineup is the enhanced in-store customer experience and engaging social activities that will delight people of all ages”, concluded Arao-Santos.

Experience the new shopping pleasures and exciting thrills that await at these Ever Malls locations: Ever Commonwealth and Ever Manila Plaza. For updates, like and visit Ever Malls FB page and use the hashtag: #EVERdayHappyDay.

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