Eco-friendly bazaar shopping tip

Since bazaars are everywhere, let us not forget to be a responsible and environment-conscious individual. Most sellers/booths in bazaars use plastic bags when you shop, you can’t blame them because that’s the cheapest packaging they can come up with. The initiative to say NO TO PLASTIC should come to us, shoppers. I’m sure we all have lots of ecobags piled up in our homes, bring one when going to bazaars and just dump your items as you shop.

I brought my Healthy Options ecobag at the 10th World Bazaar Festival:


say NO to plastic

See, NO plastic. Plus, it makes you carry all your purchases conveniently with just one big ecobag.

On other shopping tips, I read some horrible news about pickpocket incidents in bazaars. So I suggest wearing a body bag and always position the bag in front of you. Just bring enough cash, I suggest leaving your credit cards too unless you have an rfid blocking wallet. There’s also such a thing as electronic pickpocketing in which somebody can scan your credit card infos through RFID.


  1. nice post! reducing use of plastic will really help the environment 🙂


  2. love the bag! 🙂 have you heard of Envirosax? it’s a nice reusable bag din — foldable, heavy duty and has wonderful prints. (available at Hobbes and Landes) it’s so useful, i bring mine wherever i go. cheers to ecofriendly shopping! 😀


    Badet Reply:

    Thanks! Bought in Healthy Options for about Php 100. Envirosax is good too but quite expensive though. But whatever works for the environment =)


  3. thats a good contribution for Mother Earth.. keep up the good work..



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