Diego is now a star, thanks to PLDT Home DSL

I rarely watch TV these days, I only get to watch TV when I’m at the living room because we went TV-less in our bedroom since we had Gwen. Given that, I’m not really familiar with the latest teleserye (except for The Legal Wife :p), latest commercials and more so new celebrities. One exception is this cute 7-year-old kid named Diego Ledesma who became famous since his Ask Diego campaign from PLDT Home DSL.

I knew about Diego in social media first, so when I caught his commercial on TV, I can’t help but finish watching it instead of flipping to another channel. And because I was smitten by his cuteness, I liked his Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/AskDiego, too.

Even writer Ricky Lo recognized Diego Ledesma’s celebrity status, read his article: Diego is PLDT Home DSL’s latest star celebrity

Diego was a guest on The Ryzza Mae Show, the two did a selfie, cute!

Diego’s wit and charm has truly captured the hearts of every member of the family. Ask him a question on his Facebook page, if he doesn’t know the answer, his parents and her Ate Trisha are present to help. So yeah, his Ask Diego page is a whole Ledesma family thing.

The Ledesma is a perfect example of today’s family: The members love spending time learning together, playing together and bonding at home as often as they can. They enjoy using their PLDT Home DSL’s strong, reliable connection to stream movies, play games and discover new things together. The family-sized broadband connection allows them to use multiple gadgets at the same time for limitless sharing at home. – Ricky Lo


  1. OMG! Diego is so adorable indeed!!! 😀


  2. I’ve seen his commercial and diego is the cutest and wittiest little boy!:) Can’t wait to see more of him! PLDT made a wise choice!


  3. Not surprising since he’s very cute, the tisoy type of kid Filipino audiences love.


  4. This boy is so adorable! At Diego pala talaga ang name nya sa tunay na buhay. 🙂


  5. Di ko sya kilala haha! Halatang solid ABS-CBN ako haha!


  6. hahaha! I just checked his page. 🙂 So he is a son of??? whom?


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