Detox foot pads from Saizen

Saizen has recently opened a new branch in Trinoma inside True Value. I got excited for everything Japanese so I immediately went inside and browsed through their products. One thing that caught my attention in the Health and Beauty section is the variety of detox foot pads available for only Php 85 each. I’m familiar with these detox foot pads because my mother used a similar product before called Kinotakara pads, also from Japan, and believes on the efficacy of the product.

Detox foot pads or foot patches are used to cleanse the body from toxins and wastes through the principle of reflexology. Our feet has the most nerve endings and reflex points and is therefore the best part to use the sap sheets. Overnight, the foot pads will purify the body. It relieves fatigue, joint pains, migraines, headaches, promotes better sleep and relieves the body of heavy metals. My mother used these foot pads before to get rid of her arthritis and it worked.

I bought 2 samples of the detox pads or sap sheets and use this on my husband Jeff aka my guinea pig.

Detox foot pads/sap sheets

Following the instruction, I placed the foot pads on Jeff’s sole with the use of the bandage that comes with it. You’re supposed to leave the foot pads overnight and expect the detox to happen.

detox foot patch

In the morning, remove the foot patch, you’ll see a brownish/grayish color on the patch that’s said to be toxins drawn out from your body. The darker the color, the more toxins you have and with continued use, the color will be lighter.

before and after use of detox foot pads

When I removed Jeff’s sap sheets the following morning, the color is lighter. Maybe because there’s not much toxins inside his body but he noticed that his muscle pain on his hamstring disappeared. He ran a couple of kilometers in UP oval before that. I’ll try to use this on Nanay and see the results.


  1. Loving your blog! 🙂 Btw how long does the detox patch be left in your sole for it to work effectively? And is there any other place besides Trinoma where I can find this item? I’m very much interested in trying one out. 😀


  2. shannon p says

    Everyone needs a test subject ha ha! It’s quite amazing how these detox patches actually work. Did your husband feel any different after trying it?


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