Dara and Lee Min Ho Kiss music video

Am I too late with this music video? I only saw it a while ago. I’m very proud of Dara, known as Sandara Park here in the Philippines. And of course, I’m also ecstatic to see Lee Min Ho again. Watch the Kiss music video of Dara and Lee Min Ho below. Kiss is Dara’s first single for Cass Beer. This post is also loaded with photos of Lee Min Ho and Dara’s kiss…

Dara Park Kiss album

Dara and Lee Min Ho kiss

Lee Min Ho and Dara kiss

Finally, the Kiss video of Dara Park and Lee Min Ho…


  1. nice to know sandara park is making a wave in her own country 🙂 i have yet to see the video… seems nice!!


  2. OK, I have no idea who any of these people are, and it actually took me viewing the video twice to “get” what was going on, but the video is *way* cool. Gotta love girl power.


  3. it’s never too late to blog when it comes to Lee Min Ho.. hehehe.. apparently that video stirred a lot of jealous fans when it came out sometime early this year i think…:)

    nice to meet you. got your link from edelweiza’s page.. 🙂


  4. she has transformed into magically phenomenal diva..

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  5. i loved this video a lot, i even downloaded it on my phone, lol! and yeah, it has made all lee min ho fans jealous, but happy for dara though.


  6. wow! i’m happy for sandara that she’s able to continue her career in her own country after her stint here in the philippines. good for her. i’m proud of her!


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