Chuck Bass, Ed Westwick for Penshoppe updates

Ed Westwick may have left the Philippines last June 2 but I still have that Chuck Bass fever with me. I can’t wait to see Penshoppe’s billboards with Ed Westswick on it, what a beautiful sight while stuck in traffic along Edsa.

Ed Westwick for Penshoppe

The billboards will be launched some time in July. In the meantime, enjoy the snippets of Ed Westwick interview taken from

On his similarities and differences with his character on the hit show Gossip Girl, Chuck Bass:

“We’re both male. We both look alike, which is very strange, isn’t it? But no, we’re actually very different. He’s such an amazing character to play, so much fun, and I have a great time working with the all the people working in the show, but I live quite a different life I’m afraid to say. I don’t ride the limousine quite often.

But one thing he will never have on me is this English charm. He’s got that American charm, but he doesn’t have the English charm, you know.”

On Manila:

“This is my first time in the Philippines and I have to say [it’s been] really good because everyone’s made me feel really, really welcome…I was feeling a little jetlagged until I came out here and there are lots of bright lights and lots of people so now I’m wide awake. It’s been a very, very good trip. Every thing’s gone really, really well. We had a great time during the shoot yesterday. That was fantastic. Everybody involved in Penshoppe has been amazing. And then today I went out on a boat around Manila Bay. I went to take a look at the Manila skyline. You have a beautiful city here, a beautiful country, and beautiful, fantastic people.”

On how he finds Filipino women:

“Well, I haven’t found any yet. In general, everbody I got to meet has been fantastic, but the Filipino women, they seem to have quite an attractive look I have to say. It’s one of the reasons why I’m coming back.”


  1. who is Ed Westwick? aside from his TV commercial for Penshoppe? kasi I dont know him ehehe


    Badet Reply:

    If you’re a fan of Gossip Girl, you’ll know Ed Westwick =)


  2. katherine pierce says

    he is the prince of darkness in gossip girl and the main squeeze of bair waldorf.


  3. katherine pierce says

    love interest of blair waldorf



  1. badet says:

    Chuck Bass, Ed Westwick for Penshoppe updates

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