Choco find: Goya Take It

Do you remember Goya? I still associate Goya with those small chocolate blocks wrapped individually. During my childhood days, this is my quick chocolate fix whenever I want chocolates. At present, Goya has a new spin in enjoying chocolates, just Take It!

Goya Take It molded chocolate wafers are three-layer crispy wafer fingers smothered in milk chocolate and available in easy-to-carry packs of 2 fingers, 4 fingers and, if you’re a choco hoarder, a 6 pack of 2 fingers.

And if you’re in doubt if Goya Take It is at par with imported chocolates, Goya’s Take It lives up to its name and long-standing reputation as a trusted maker of the Pinoy’s well-loved chocolate brand. It’s made from swiss quality chocolate, it’s the same taste as imported chocolates but made even affordable by Goya so you get more pleasurable bang for your buck.

I keep chocolates in my bag because it comes in handy when I’m too busy to buy food during merienda. It’s a perfect snack and an energy booster.

Goya Take It is a quality product from DelfiFoods, Inc. under license from Delfi Swiss S.A. Available in packs of 2 fingers, 4 fingers and a 6 pack of 2 fingers at leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.


  1. I wonder if it taste like the Goya I always love will find one soon thanks for sharing


  2. Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know that GOYA has a new product and it looks like KITKAT 😀 Baka mas mura ito sa kitkat, will try to buy and check if magustohan ng kiddos 😀


  3. Oh Goya! Such a wonder 😀 I used to drop by at any nearby store just to grab a bar or two.:)


  4. I remember those Goya chocolates, and I liked them a lot. I haven’t tried their chocolate wafers, though.


  5. I didn’t know Goya has a new product. It looks like Kitkat. Will give this a try.


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