Havaianas Philippines launches 2009 Havaianas Filipinas Collection

Be proud being a Filipino and showcase Pinoy Pride through the “tsinelas”. Havaianas Philippines brings another collectibles for the Havaianaticos, the 2009 Limited Edition Filipinas Collection. They will be released on June 12, 2009, in celebration of Philippines’ Independence Day. The collection is specially designed and produced for the Philippines, in very limited quantity. I wasn’t able to go to the Make Your Own Havaianas 2009 event this year, but these pairs will make up for it.

Havaianas Filipinas 2009

Havaianas Filipinas 2009

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Make Your Own Havaianas 2009

Good news to all Havaianas collectors out there! The most-awaited event every summer is now here, the Make Your Own Havaianas 2009 (MYOH 2009). Just like last year, it will be held on the Rockwell Tent from May 28 to June 1. Customize your own pair of Havaianas, choose the sole, strap and the embellishments. Now is the chance to be adventurous with your Havaianas because you can go crazy with the color combination and embellishments. Care to look at my customized Havaianas last year?

Make Your Own Havaianas 2009
Make Your Own Havaianas 2009

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What’s on sale at Pink Fortune?

As you all know, aside from blogging, I also manage my little online store, Pink Fortune. Pink Fortune is a Philippine-based online store that sells fashion accessories, bags and other stuff that caters specifically to women. My shop has been around for a year and half already and through these shop, I met wonderful people who eventually became my friends. I’m also proud to say that I my items also reached the shore of US, Dubai and Qatar. This holiday season, I’m offering affordable choices perfect as gifts! One of the latest addition to the collection are these uber cool S.T.A.M.P watches.

colorful stamp watches

They’re colorful, funky and playful. They are a steal at Php 200 each.

vibrant and fun colors

Shop online at http://pinkfortune.multiply.com/

Happy shopping!

The 2009 Belle de Jour Power Planner – every IT girl must have!

2009 Belle de Jour planner

Belle de Jour, which means “IT Girl”, is the planner that specifically caters to the ladies of this generation. Every fashionista, career-women and female college students covet to have this uber stylish planner. Exciting pages and features of this planner includes Expenses Tracker, Menstrual Period Tracker (yes! ladies need this), Goal Planning, Travel Planner and Birthday List. Aside from its colorful pages and features, the planner also includes discount coupons from different shops/boutiques/salons/restaurants such as All Flip-Flops, Freeway, David & Goliath, Charles & Keith, Azta Salon, Cupcakes by Sonja, Ace Water Spa, Heaven & Eggs and a lot more! With all the discounts that can be availed using the coupons, it’s as if the planner comes for free.

I’ve been using the Starbucks Planner for two years now, the excitement of collecting stickers just to have the planner is the challenging and exciting part. The worst part is that I get to spend a lot for a Php 160 coffee more than the usual for the stickers. Unfortunately, the 2007 planner I had was kept unused because it’s heavy. The only thing I was able to use is the ballpen that came with it. Thankfully, the 2008 planner is less bulky that’s why I was able to use and bring it with me. What I miss the most with Starbucks planners are the coupons wherein I can get free coffee, sigh! Plus, I find the planners a little boring because it lacks a color and it’s a little serious.

And for the year 2009, I will be a Belle de Jour planner convert, yey! I reserved 4 copies for the BDJ planner, why 4 copies? I might be giving them as gifts for Christmas for my girlfriends, (hint!) Anyway, for those of you who wants to reserve, just go to their website, http://www.belledejourpowerplanner.com/, and fill out the reservation form. Suggested retail price for the Belle de Jour Planner is Php 598.

Make your own Havaianas is extended till May 5!

Good news to all Havaianas addicts like me! The much-awaited event, Make your own Havaianas (MYOH), is extended until Monday, May 5, 2008. So there’s more time for hoarding and customizing your pair of flip-flops.
So what makes the MYOH so special that it’s something to look forward to every year? In this event, you can customize your pair for you to really call it your own. You can mix and match the color of straps and sole and add lifestyle pins like star, headphone, skateboard, etc… This year, Havaianas really made it more special because aside from the Havaianas Top, they included the Havaianas Slim for the styles to choose from. This is really bliss for all ladies. Aside from that, you can now embellish the straps with swarovskis and even spell out your name. Lacinhos or “baby laces” are also available. Talk about really customizing.

The place was packed and they have to control the number of people inside hence the long line outside the tent.

Go to Rockwell Tent early… or you’ll end up falling and waiting in line for 2 hours just to get inside the tent. Knowing which styles/colors to get is also a big help to save time since you’ll also be spending an hour inside falling in line (again!) and waiting for your flip-flops to be made. If you want your flip-flops to be embellished with Swarovskis, you have to go to a dedicated counter so that means falling in line again.

Moi deciding the color combination and pins…

While waiting outside, one of the staffs will be handing out the brochures/guide (sort of an Order Form). The brochure shows the colors of the straps and soles, lifestyle pins and Swarovskis. Fill out the form, state your size, choose colors that you want and the lifetyle pins and letters you want to add.

At the counter waiting for my pairs…

Colorful straps to choose from…

For my Slim, crystal blue sole, golden sun slim strap, star and letter “b” pins

Putting pins at the straps takes time, so be patient…

They have this rule “Once holed, considered sold” policy so make sure that you state the position for your pins, especially if you want to spell out your name.

My customized pair is taking shape…

I am now a proud owner of 4 customized pairs!

For every pair of Havaianas purchased, you’ll get a stub for a free snack. The snack includes 1 pack of Holy Kettle Corn and 1 small cup of Nestea Iced Tea (I wished the cup was bigger though).

style=”font-family:trebuchet ms;font-size:85%;”>Our matching pairs!

This is why I love MYOH, hubby and I get to have matching pairs. We chose to have dark brown sole, moss green straps (slim strap for me) and skull pins.

Make Your Own Havaianas

May 2-5, 2008

Rockwell Tent (mall hours)

Prices: Adult sizes (33/4 to 45/6) – Php 795; Kids sizes (25/6 to 31/2); additional charge of Php 50 for each pin and Swarovski added; Lacinhos (baby laces) are Php 200 per pair

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