Camping Sites to Explore in the Philippines

Have you ever tried camping or just thinking to plan one with your family and friends this year? Well, it doesn’t matter. For sure, you haven’t visited all of the camping and glamping sites here in the country. There’s just a lot of wonderful places to go to! Continue reading this article, start packing your bags, and bring everything you think you’ll need as you leave your house for a temporary home outdoor. 

camping sites in the philippines

Backpackers like camping because it’s a truly enjoyable activity that gets you closer to nature yet doesn’t break the bank. When you choose a hotel, while offers all the modern comforts, it doesn’t push you to become resourceful as you make do with what’s available. Would you prefer watching TV over looking at a starry night sky outside your tent? You can only truly enjoy the great outdoors by camping. Raw and straightforward.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to scout for the next place to go camping with your favorite people. The location doesn’t have to be as intense as in the movies and travel shows. You can go to the beaches and mountains instead of forests. Here are some suggested places to go camping in the Philippines:

Quest Adventure Camp

Quest Adventure Camp in Antipolo is the best choices if you want to go camping with workmates for your teambuilding. It would take only an hour drive from Manila to get there for the activities they offer such as Zip Line, Rappelling, and Wall Climbing. You can choose your comfort from the different amenities, accommodation, and teambuilding packages available. They also have a place for groups that want to have a retreat. 

Kuta Bungliw Eco Lodge and Campsite

There should always be Rizal when we talk about camping. In Kuta Bangliw Eco Lodge and Campsite, you can reach the sky with only a 20-minute hike. The place offers huts if you feel tents are not for you. Being 300 meters above sea level, you can enjoy a wide array of activities. You can go swimming, hiking, river trekking, bird watching, caving, and photography. You don’t need to be a pro-hiker to enjoy all these.

The campsite features the following facilities: solar-powered lights and outlets, toilets and bathrooms, and a mini pool to complete your getaway. Bring blankets to be sure – it could get really cold in this campsite from night until dawn. If there’s something you can never be certain with camping, it’s the climate.

Anawangin Cove

Of course, Zambales would have something to offer when it comes to camping. The crescent-shaped cove of Anawangin will make sure that the 4 to 5-hour drive from Manila would be worth it after you see its beauty. You, however, would really need to disconnect, as there is no signal and electricity at the site. Necessities are all there is. 

Camp Avenue

Let’s go to La Union. The ‘Surfing Capital of the North’ came up with another reason to visit. Camp Avenue features beachfront accommodation with tents you may rent for only 500 pesos. Bali huts are also available for couples for only 2,000 pesos per night. You may use the hammocks and swings for free. They sell food in the area.

Looking for nightlife? You can also party at the new campground and indulge in cocktails. Camp Avenue is definitely a beautiful place to unwind, as well as meet new friends and expand your network. 

Fortune Island

Last but not least is Fortune Island in Batangas. This is the ultimate place to go soul-searching since there are no accommodations to choose from. You may do anything as you please, from having a photoshoot at the ruins of the Greek-inspired architecture, to having a bonfire at night. This destination is good for adventurous campers who thrives in being independent. Don’t forget to bring your water to stay hydrated as you explore!

camp sites in the philippines

Staycations are so 2016. The Philippines is too beautiful to not explore and be ignored for the indoors. As Alan Kesselheim puts it, “A great many people, and more all the time, live their entire lives without ever once sleeping out under the stars.” If you’ve already been camping before, you probably have an idea where to go next after reading this article. After that, proceed to the next, then the next – have fun!

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