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I can really have simple pleasures in life. Buy me chocolates and I’ll be happy! My faves are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Cadbury Three Wishes (discontinued *sad*), Hershey’s plain milk chocolate, dark chocolates, and Meiji chocolates varieties. When some of friends went to Universal Studios Singapore, they posted photos of the biggest Hershey’s chocolate bar I’ve seen, made me drool! Googled it and it’s big like the photo below:

biggest Hershey's bar

In USS Singapore, it’s 69 SGD, expensive I know for something so sinful. But you know what, Meiji chocolates, a Japan-made chocolate that I also like also has a big bar similar to Hershey’s. And guess what, it’s available in SM for only Php 595!

Big Meiji Milk Chocolate bar

I think it will only be available this Christmas season but Jeff promised to give me one after I gave birth. He warned me though that too much chocolates may cause break outs, I said heck, there’s enough salicylic acid cleanser available over the counter so a little bit of indulgence after 9 months is worth it.


  1. haaay, the worst tasting hershey chocolates can be found here in Korea. i don’t fancy buying them here talaga.
    i just buy the japan made chocolates kase mas maganda pa talaga…
    as of today, i promised to cut my sugary food intake,
    ngayon ko lang ulit naalala malakas pala magpalaki ng bata..
    now, Soo Ae is a week ahead bigger…


    Badet Reply:

    Naku, di ko na talaga matiis kaya kain na lang ako ng kain. Laki na rin ng tyan ko, ilang weeks na lang naman kaya pwede na rin. =)


  2. Christine Rhea says

    where can we find Nestle’ 100 Grand? A fave of mine thank you


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