Something for your sweet tooth: Goya Dark Mint, Goya Black & White and Meiji Melty Kiss

A recent trip from Watsons got me overwhelmed with new goodies particularly in their food/chocolates section. You see, when buying toiletries at Watsons, I always end up buying more than what I planned to because of the temptations you see around. And this time, I gave in to everybody’s weakness, c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e-s!

Meiji Melty Kiss

1. Meiji Melty Kiss – I was really surprised to see that Watsons already have Melty Kiss. I first tasted this melt-in-your-mouth-goodie when I was in Hongkong last November, 2008. I literally flipped over the racks of chocolates in some stores in Hongkong only to find them in Mannings store at the airport. I brought 4 boxes home and devoured all of them in the shortest time I can remember.

Individually wrapped Melty Kiss

Anyway, the chocolates are individually wrapped so you can control yourself when eating. The chocolate renders an addicting smoothness to the mouth as it slowly melts. It’s not too sweet that’s why you won’t notice you already ate a lot. The downside though is its price, when I bought them in Hongkong, one box costs around Php 80-90. Watsons are selling these for around Php 120 per box.

Goya Black & White

2. Goya Black & White – If you love dark and white chocolates, then this one’s for you. Goya lets you enjoy the goodness of both worlds. The dark chocolate is good, not the bitter type that leaves a sour aftertaste in your mouth. I’m not a fan of the white chocolate though, I can’t taste anything. Perhaps it lacks the sweetness and the milky taste I’m looking for. What’s great is the price, it’s only Php 23.95 per box and the box contains 9 dark/white chocolates.

Goya Dark Mint is love!

3. Goya Dark Mint – This is my best find! Another one from Goya, this brand has really improved since my childhood days, and I’m loving what they have concocted so far. Chocolate with mint variants are seldom seen in local brands. That’s why when I have a craving for mint chocolate, I resort to imported and expensive brands. But now, I can satisfy my craving with the impeccable goodness of dark chocolate and mint at a very affordable price. The mint is not overpowering the dark chocolate, you know that there’s mint but you’re still eating chocolate and not a mint toothpaste flavored with chocolate. One box costs Php 23.95 only and contains 9 pieces of round chocolates.


  1. in which watsons branch did you find meltykiss? 😀


  2. hello! same question, at which branch did you find melty kiss? Been looking for it =) thanks


  3. ~*~ Badet ~*~ says

    Hi! I bought my Melty Kiss at SM North Edsa. If you can’t find them in Watsons, you can also look at the Snacks section inside the SM Dept. Store. Melty Kiss is also available there. =)


  4. Ariannette says

    well i love meltykiss, my mom always bought me that kind of chocolates, Goya is my favorite chocolate brand. and also i love Goya Black & White or Dark & White Chocolate.. I am really a chocoholic.. also a shopaholic because we always shop for foods,chocolates,clothes etc. every damn day! and also I am a chocoholic cause’ we buy many cadburies,Goya,Hershey’s, Kisses etc. any other damn chocolates! COOL! 😀 I luv being a chocoholic 😀 ^_^


  5. How many pieces are there in 1 box? c”,)



  1. […] Sachi Nama Chocolate from Heavenly Chocolates a year ago, same texture and taste, yet cheaper. Meiji Melty Kiss which is also my fave is also a lot cheaper […]

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