Bakit ang #SarapMagingPilipino?

Have you seen the heartwarming video from Jollibee entitled Bakit ang #SarapMagingPilipino? The video is very apt as we celebrate our 116th Independence Day tomorrow. Please take time to watch it below:

It is quite interesting because the video showed foreigners showing their love in our country. Parang nakakahiya naman if we don’t love our own yet Marcus Davis, Bryan Gallinger, Shu Wang, and Anna Rabtsun-Baylosis have grown to love the Philippines. I’m particularly drawn to Anna Baylosis, she is a Russian who fell in love with her Filipino husband, married and raising her family here for two years now. Filipinos are very caring, there’s lots of kissing and hugging instead of handshake. Indeed, it’s more heartfelt than just a mere handshake. I hope she can also teach her children the practice of “mano”. 

With all the corruption, calamities, traffic, unemployment, inflation, and more than a hundred problems we’re facing in the country right now, I can also think of a thousand reasons why the Philippines still remains charming and lovable. As the song goes, Manila, I keep coming back to Manila…

Bakit ang #SarapMagingPilipino?

  • We are strong and resilient. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, strong typhoons, flood, etc. Filipinos have gone through it all, and yet we’re still standing. Remember Ondoy? We just rose above it and as per the popular T-shirt print, “The Filipino spirit is waterproof.”
  • Philippines is a beautiful country. Boracay pa lang, solve ka na. Samahan mo pa ng El Nido at Coron. Tourists flock to the Philippines because of our beautiful beaches.
  • Everyday is a celebration – laging may handaan at kainan. Birthdays are celebrated by the rich and poor alike. Kahit pansit lang yan, basta may handa. Birthday ng aso, pusa, etc. pinaghahandaan din. Monthsary, kahit na ika-xxxx monthsary nyo na, still calls for a celebration.
  • We are happy and optimistic people. Just as we are strong and resilient, we also have the ability to smile amidst any depressing state of our lives. Tawanan lang ang problema. It also helped that we are God-fearing people that’s why we’re always optimistic that everything will turn out well.
  • The Pinoy yan! affiliation. I can’t think of a proper term for this, but it’s really amusing na kahit 0.00001% na lang na Pinoy ang mga Foreign artists, basta may dugong Pinoy ka, the whole Philippines will support you all the way. Mapa-boxing, American Idol, [Name of country] Got Talent man yan, o kung ano pa. This is the positive side of crab mentality, so I hope we got rid of the talangka mentality and just be proud of our fellow citizen’s success.
  • We work hard but we play harder. Our friend’s from Germany said that when they are in their country, they just work and work. That’s why they really take long vacations. Unlike here in the Philippines, whenever there’s a long weekend, gora na agad. Or pag stressed ka from work, may time pa to watch a movie, or go to a spa.
  • Ang sarap maging Pinoy dahil tayo ay may Jollibee! Seriously, sinong Pinoy ang hindi pa nakakatikim ng Chickenjoy? And most of Filipino families have their children’s birthdays at Jollibee kasi mas masaya!

My list can go on and on but I’d love to hear your own reasons Bakit ang #SarapMagingPilipino? You can post your answers in the comments or tweet it and include the hashtag #SarapMagingPilipino.

bakit ang sarap maging pilipino

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