Appetite is back

After 3 weeks, my mojo is back. After giving birth, I didn’t have an appetite and craving for food. I just ate bland foods and I’m okay. Chocolates never appealed to me the past weeks, which is really surprising. Maybe it’s because of all the exhaustion, sleeplessness and perhaps, post-partum depression that made me lose my appetite. The good thing is that I think I’m back with my pre-pregnancy weight even without having to buy anoretix cheap.

But hooray, the foodie in me is back! I still can’t go on food trips like before, but thanks for my hubby who is always willing to buy me pasalubong. Yesterday, it’s Mushroom Burger. Today, I want Banofee Pie from Starbucks. The good thing about breastfeeding? I can lose 500 to 600 calories just by feeding baby, and I can eat all I want too!


  1. yaaaay! hooray! 😀 im happy the foodie in you is back 😀


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