Alterations Plus for my perfect-fitting clothes

What do you consider in buying clothes aside from the style? For me, it’s the fit. It may be a trendy style in my favorite color but if it doesn’t fit, then I’ll just find something else. That’s for the tops, but for the bottoms such as jeans and slacks, I rely on Alterations Plus to get my perfect fit.

I’m only 5 feet and there’s no chance that the length of the pants in the stores will fit me. That’s why I ALWAYS had them altered. I’m very OC with my jeans’ length too, I always choose “back-to-original” kind of alteration. The difference is that the original edges of the jeans are preserved and will still be used as the edge after cutting to my desired length.

After shopping for pants in the malls, I will immediately go to Alterations Plus and have their modistas take measurements. They have fitting rooms with framed mirrors in their branches. After an hour or so, voila, perfect-fitting clothes!

I think every fashionista’s secret should be perfect-fitting clothes, agree?

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