Airport A21 bus

Going to your hotels/guesthouses from Hong Kong International Airport is not a hassle even with big luggages around. For budget travelers like us, taxi is not an option so we always take the airport bus, A21.

Airport A21 bus

If you’re hotel is in Tsim Sha Tsui, this is the bus you’re going to take. Fare is 33 HKD, accepts Octopus Cards or prepare exact fare. It has spacious luggage compartments located near the door so that you can sit comfortably while travelling and enjoy the view of Tsing Ma bridge. Travel time from the airport to Taisan guesthouse is 45 minutes, bus stop number 13 from the airport.

If you want a faster way to get to the city from the airport, take the Airport Express train.


  1. When I was in HK, hindi ata ako nka ride ng a21 bus kasi we had a tour bus included sa package.:)

    visiting you here from the travel link exchange of mommy Peh.


  2. visited and followed you via Travel Blog Link Exchange:)


  3. Hello!Visiting you today following my blogroll. Happy Weekend!


  4. Badet, I know this is off topic, you can delete this. But I know you’re interested in the details about my stalker/defamer;


  5. hi badet,

    thank you very much for this very informative site. i would just like to ask if i can still purchase an octopus card in the airport after 1 am? that’s our arrival time kasi.

    thanks to your blog i was able to find a nice guesthouse. taisan! talked to ate yolly already. thank you talaga!


    Badet Reply:

    Yes, you can buy the octopus card at the counter in the airport. Open naman sila 24 hours.


  6. hi badet:What kind of octopus card should i buy when we get to the HK airport?any advise for the octopus card usage for my trip of dec.11-14…thanks


  7. If anyone intrested, here is the major bus routes from the Airport to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island with bus stops on the map.


  8. Hi badet!

    I’ll be traveling back to HK next week.

    I did not surrender my octopus card last time (February 2011),
    is it possible that I can reload the card instead of buying again? Meron pa syang load.




  1. […] for business travelers who don’t want to waste their precious time on the road. Riding the A21 bus from the airport takes about 45 minutes to Kowloon, while riding the train cuts the travel time in […]

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