Air Juan: Fly from Boracay to Coron, Palawan

After our 4-day Boracay trip, our next destination is Coron, Palawan. The original plan was to fly back to Manila and then take the plane going to Busuanga because that’s the only way we know. But after reading travel sites, Jeff stumbled upon a suggestion from tourists to take the Air Juan plane. Curious what Air Juan is, I googled and learned that it’s a 9-seater plane and has direct flights from Boracay to Coron and Puerto Princesa.

air juan flght from caticlan to coron palawan

Direct flight from Caticlan to Busuanga, Palawan

I felt relieved to learn that it will only take 45 minutes from Caticlan to Busuanga airport in Coron, Palawan. Compared to our original Caticlan-Manila-Busuanga route, this will save us time and money. If we take the long route, we have to buy Caticlan-Manila and Manila-Busuanga tickets which cost around Php 8,000 per passenger. The Air Juan flight Caticlan to Busuanga is only Php 4,599.

To tell you honestly, Jeff and I are scared of flying in small planes. It has to be big planes that’s why whenever we go to Boracay, we’d take the Manila-Kalibo flight because planes that land in Caticlan are smaller. But with this trip, we have no choice but to take this prop plane. Besides, you only live once, so we have to conquer our fear.

air juan flight from caticlan to palawan

Our flight departs at 12:45 pm, we were really running late because we’re still at the boat going to Caticlan by 12:15 pm. I think this is one advantage of riding a chartered plane, they will wait for you :p. Naaaah, we’re just lucky that they gave us grace period, we arrived 15 minutes before our ETD, and shortly after that, we were boarding the plane.

inside a 9-seater Air Juan Cessna plane

inside a 9-seater Air Juan Cessna plane

It’s like riding a van in the air with the two pilots at the front.

air juan cessna plane

It’s cool and comforting for this nervous flyer to see what the pilots are doing. I can tell if something’s wrong unlike in big planes where the cockpit is off-limits to passengers.

Another advantage of flying in small planes is that you can see more views because they fly low.

air juan to coron, palawan

flying over the islands of Coron, Palawan

The 45-minute plane ride was very smooth with no turbulence at all. I overcame my fear, besides I read that you are more likely to die in a road accident than in a plane crash.

Our travel buddy also enjoyed her ride, well, she slept after take-off and woke up just before landing.

air juan plane to coron palawan

Air Juan Flight Schedule and Fares

Aside from Caticlan to Busuanga, Air Juan also has direct flights from Caticlan to Puerto Princesa, Caticlan to Cuyo, Manila to Coron, Manila to Subic, and Manila to Puerto Galera. Check below for the schedule.

air juan schedule of flights

They don’t have online booking yet that’s why I sent an email first for our details and they will send you a link if you wish to pay via credit card. They also accept over-the-counter payments.

Air Juan


  1. Godspeed! You’re all safe. And you’ve overcome your fear. God is always with those who believe Him.


    Badet Siazon Reply:

    Yes,and it’s not as scary as I thought.


  2. o wow, the first time I heard about this airline…very small indeed.I would want to try this soon 🙂


    Badet Siazon Reply:

    They have routes to Boracay, Puerto Princesa, and Coron.


  3. This is a good one for those cramping their days exploring several islands. It would be nice to combine a Boracay and Coron adventure.


  4. wow the price was almost cut into half and in addition to that it must be a very frightful yet rewarding experience to try.
    I have a huge fear of heights but I would’nt mind overcoming them by trying this someday


  5. That was quite an experience. I’m not so sure whether I can have the courage to ride a small plane but you are right we only live once.


  6. First time to learn about this airline. Cool!


    Badet Siazon Reply:

    Surprised to learn about this too via TripAdvisor. Thanks for the visit Missy!


  7. Hi, 4599 for the entire plane or per person? thanks!


    Badet Siazon Reply:

    It’s for per person, 1 way.


  8. I am very afraid of a small plane. 45 minutes fly is very long for me and maybe it killing me Lol.



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    Air Juan: Fly from Boracay to Coron, Palawan | Badudets Everything Nice!

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