Acai – just another superfood fad?

There are many fads on the market at the moment; each celebrity has a supposed perfect solution to keeping their weight down while looking amazing. They all claim one of the many ‘super foods’ out there is the reason for their great looks and as such these flood the markets and we all try them out. But do any of them have any effect or are they just fads?

Well it might not be true of all these super foods out there or celebrity fads, but the acai berry which has recently hit the headlines and celebrity magazines is looking like a winner for us all. In fact the acai berry has recently been described as the best form of antioxidant available to the public.

The acai berry is packed tightly with a whole load of antioxidants including the proven fat-busting Resveratrol and Anthocynanins, Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, amino acids, fiber and other nutrients. These antioxidants are said to help our bodies to burn the fat calls while fighting the free radicals in our system which damage our cells. It is because of this that acai berries are said to prevent or slow down the aging process as well as preventing the free radicals from causing diseases such as killing live leukemia cells.

The acai berry is also thought to play a role in improving digestive health in the same was a detox would. This helps with weight loss as it helps the body to absorb nutrients more efficiently meaning that we are less hungry and as we eat less, we are able to lose more weight. The acai berry is also thought to give you more energy, which can help you to do more exercise and increase the amount of weight you are able to loose with the acai berry. You could browse around the collection of acai from holland and barrett today.


  1. Wow this is amazing..Wanna try this one..Thanks for sharing.. 😉


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