7 Reasons Why Siquijor Will Top 2019’s Must-See Local Destinations

Traveling—for the longest time, it’s been considered a privilege, but these days it’s more of an annual, if not quarterly, activity. All credit to budget fares, AirBnBs, and of course smart saving hacks, destinations don’t seem so far-off reach. Filipinos can attest to this, as Visa reported in 2015 that Filipinos are among the most-traveled from all the Asia Pacific countries. So it isn’t uncommon to see Filipinos leaving their homes to travel to strange new places.


While international adventures seem like an eye-candy, there are a multitude of local tourist spots that drive in visitors too. Boracay, and Palawan may have frequently topped global travel lists, but 2019 may just be the year for Siquijor to claim its reign.

1. Siquijor Boasts of Countless Scenic Beaches

The beauty about the Philippines having a diverse set of islands is the fact that there are many hidden and unearthed beaches. For the longest time, Boracay has been a prime spot for beach-goers, but Siquijor isn’t shy of fine sand and crystal blue waters. The province has a handful of developed and untouched beaches that have drawn local and foreign tourists to the area.

Some of its more popular beaches are Kagusuan beach, Salagdoong beach, Paliton beach, and San Juan beach. Aside from the expected powdery sand and turquoise water, some of its beaches such as Salagdoong beach, also boasts of rock formations that give more character to the area.


2. It Houses Numerous Natural Falls For Adrenaline-Junkies

If you’ve had enough of calm and serenity, Siquijor will not let a bit of energy-pumping adventure slip. It’s considered a must to add visiting the falls to your itinerary, and with a stroke of luck, there’s more than one waterfall to choose from in the province.

Cambugahay Falls, and Lugnason Falls are two buzzing places for a bit of cliff diving and a ton of plunging. Not only does it feed anybody’s zest for adrenaline but is also a great way to beat the heat too. The places are well-kept and maintained as local keepers make sure they properly assist tourists.

3. The Cantabon Cave, A Hidden Gem

Just when you thought that the line of waterfalls is enough to boost the thrill, there’s another gem that can be just as exciting. Siquijor’s Cantabon Cave basks in breathtaking rock formations that have become enough reason for visitors to crawl and climb their way in. The 800m long cave will require a certain fee for a bit of exploration, but this comes ready with gear and a guide to prepare ambitious visitors.

It’s not everyday, or in every province of the Philippines that one comes across a cave, so this rare experience is definitely one for the books.

4. Guiwanon Spring Park Gives Tourists A Peek Of A Serene Mangrove Forest and Marine Life

From beaches, waterfalls, to caves, Siquijor doesn’t cut the list short with nature-inclined destinations. Another favorite among many would be the Guiwanon Spring Park, which ultimately is a stunning path from a mangrove forest to a sea of marine life. With man-made bamboo bridges anchored on mangroves, anybody gets a chance to quietly appreciate the undisturbed sea creatures in all its glory. It’s a nice way to appreciate Siquijor’s natural landscape knowing that the park has not done a ton to disturb the natural habitat.

5. Siquijor’s Historic Churches

Historic churches are a common theme among local destinations, and Siquijor’s St. Francis of Assisi Church is no exception. Still standing despite its 245 year-old age, the historic church still envisions authentic Spanish architecture from centuries ago. As a bonus, the bell tower is not far from the church grounds and serves as another place for picture-taking.

6. It’s Unique Celebration And Practice of Mystic Traditions

Although Siquijor is abundant in natural beauty, it’s more commonly known as Visayas’ province if mystic traditions. In fact, the Spaniards once named the place Isla De Fuego, or roughly translated to Island of Fire because of the common practice within the island.

In fact, it is so well-known, that the locals celebrate folk-healing festivals annually. It is also the home of the 400-year old Balete tree, which many have assumed stays alive due to the regular practice of rituals within the area. The home of superstition and ancient rituals gives spice and enchantment to the trips of non-locals.

7. There’s A Variety of Places To Stay In

As well-kept as the its natural destinations may be, don’t be fooled by it. While Siquijor is not as commercializes as other local provinces, it doesn’t lack in the hospitality department. Siquijor has a fare share of budget, mid-range to high-end inns, and hotels to choose from. Some resorts even have their own beachfronts!


A dose of nature, a pinch of historic sights, and a dash of mystical rituals, Siquijor has definitely built its own character. While a few tourists within and even outside of the Philippines have heard of the enchanting province, it definitely takes a packed trip to fully engulf its beauty. Thankfully, just a plane and ferry-ride away from Manila, this underrated Central Visayas province is a perfect way to kick-start the year.

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