Watsons haul

I’m on an anything-beauty-related-buying-mode lately, blame it to Etude House hehe. I don’t hoard make-ups though, more on skin care like facial masks, organic soaps, BB creams, hair products and also perfumes and fragrances. A recent visit to Watsons at Mall of Asia made me discover that there are already a lot of facial masks available, mostly made from Korea, this is facial lovin’.

The most talked about brand in Femalenetwork.com is Purederm so I looked for the Strawberry Yogurt Pack, unfortunately they don’t have stocks. I decided to sample other sheet masks and wash-off masks also from Purederm.

1. Lavender Collagen Mask, Olive Collagen Mask, Green Tea Collagen Mask – Php 49.75

Purederm Collagen Masks

2. Vitalizing Green Tea Pack – Php 29.75

Purederm Vitalizing Green Tea Pack

A wash-off type massage mask which contains Green Tea Extract, Olive Oil, Collagen and Vitamin E.

* Green Tea Extract : Vitalizing & increasing skin elasticity.

* Olive Oil : skin brightening and softening.

3. Essence Mask for Men – Php 49.75

Purederm Essence Mask for Men

* Relaxing, de-stressing and moisturizing facial mask for men’s face which works best in revitalizing

the fatigued and inelastic skin by providing natural ingredients.

* Complexion appears fresher, cleaner and more youthful.

* Contains Green Tea Extract , Vitamin E and Botanical Extracts.

4. Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads – Php 89.75/10 sheets – I like how they mimic real cucumber slices, kawaii!

Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads

* Soft pads pre-moistened with real cucumber and other soothing ingredients. Specially designed rest on top of

eyes and as lie back and relax.

* Soothe tired eyes and help reduce eye puffiness.

* A handy mini purse-sized zipper bag package, so convenient to handle and use during trip.

5. Garnier Self-Heating Sauna Mask – Php 49.00 – Jeff and I tried this and it’s really a sauna-in-a-pack for the face, the cream warms up after a few seconds on your face.

Garnier Self-Heating Mask

6. Truessence Foot Blush – Php 149.75 – The only product different from the bunch, I was intrigued with the term “foot blush”. Just a reddish liquid that you’ll spray on your sole to have that pinkish effect. Smells nice too!

Truessence Foot Blush

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