South Forbes Golf City My Dream Home Promo

When you’re in Station 1 in Boracay, I’m sure you won’t miss the inviting and refreshing facade of Astoria Boracay. I was wowed with the resort and vowed to stay there on my next visit to Boracay. I even chatted with the resort’s agent and learned that Astoria Boracay’s developer is Cathay Land, Inc. And if I was impressed with Astoria Boracay’s development, I should check out South Forbes Golf City in Metro Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

At first, I thought it’s like a resort like Astoria but I found out that it’s a real estate development with a themed community. I browsed for their projects and I was struck by one of the house models in Phuket Mansions.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s my dream home and I’ll be dreaming of this from now on…

My South Forbes Golf City dream home is the Chakri House from Phuket Mansions

My husband and I share the same taste about our dream home. We call it modern minimalistic, just clean lines, more on black and white interiors with a touch of nature-inspired colors.

And this is the reason why I fell in love with the Chakri house…

The tall floor to ceiling window! That means more light coming in, the more inviting is the house. If the large window doesn’t appeal to you, well, what about an optional pool area at your backyard?

South Forbes Golf City is really a perfect community to invest and live in. Aside from the well-thought houses’ design, the development’s location is very near to hospitals, schools, church and business establishments.

If you want to see other themed communities and house models, visit their website at or like their Facebook page at

This is my official entry to South Forbes Golf City My Dream Home Promo.
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  1. wow ,I like the Chakri house .Ang ganda but I’m sure ang ganda rin ng price .wHt I like about the this is the location very accessible to all and near my parent’s place(San Pedro and Binan).

  2. Lovely house! The design has been really thought through. I love the wood panels in nut color, so chic!

  3. Nice design! Really! I want to own a townhouse, too! :( Too bad, I don’t have the resources yet…

  4. wow, i like the design too! especially the backyard pool…would be nice to own one…

  5. Pretty house. But I am not a fan of white color for outside paint. I like country-style home.

  6. wow! that was a beautiful house :) i like its architectural design :)

  7. Wow! I love the house! simple yet elegant… :)

  8. I want that house!! Me likey! Really beautiful…I would love to own one just like that someday. :)

  9. I hope I could get a home like that someday…

  10. lovet sis! so zen…surely i also want a house of our own :d

  11. by the way, so nice and happy that ur still using the header i made you:d

  12. Lovely design! I wouldn’t mind living in a house with design such as 1 and 2 hehehe.

  13. Wow!! Wish I could have a house like that someday. I love the design, simple yet classy. Have to work harder pala, lol!

  14. I love the design so matter and yet so chic

  15. My father had promised me that he would make me a house when I got around to it. I should finish my pagibig hooplah and get around to acquiring savings and a house loan. But I am single pa. So wag muna. I definitely get why you love this design. It’s a dream house worthy place!

    can’t live in sta rosa though. avoiding an ex there ahahaha

  16. And you have such a good taste in choosing those houses. I wish I could own one too. Oh well, I’ll have to work harder to achieve that.

    Good luck on your dream house …for which I fell in love with the design just then!

  17. The Chakri House looks charming! I wish I can have a house like that one day.

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