South Forbes Golf City My Dream Home Promo

When you’re in Station 1 in Boracay, I’m sure you won’t miss the inviting and refreshing facade of Astoria Boracay. I was wowed with the resort and vowed to stay there on my next visit to Boracay. I even chatted with the resort’s agent and learned that Astoria Boracay’s developer is Cathay Land, Inc. And if I was impressed with Astoria Boracay’s development, I should check out South Forbes Golf City in Metro Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

At first, I thought it’s like a resort like Astoria but I found out that it’s a real estate development with a themed community. I browsed for their projects and I was struck by one of the house models in Phuket Mansions.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s my dream home and I’ll be dreaming of this from now on…

My South Forbes Golf City dream home is the Chakri House from Phuket Mansions

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