Wine drinker must-haves

If you’re a wine drinker like my father, then you must know how to store your wines and stemwares properly. In our family, Papa is the one who drinks his red wine every night, sometimes he drinks too much but he’s always reasoning out that red wine is good for his heart. My mother drinks red wine just to help her relax before going to sleep. Jeff and I prefer our red wine chilled, and like my mother, we only drink it occasionally.

hanging wine glass rack
hanging wine glass rack

We thought of adding a hanging wine glass rack in our kitchen just like the one shown above for wine storage. It’s a space-saver because stemwares and cork-screw can also be hanged in the rack. We searched at SM’s homeware collection but we didn’t find wine glass racks for sale.

We’re really bent on having our own wine glass rack so we decided to check some designs online and have it copied by a local furniture maker in the future. This additional piece of item in the kitchen sets your kitchen apart and adds sophistication, isn’t it?

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