Why you Need a Van Cherry Picker

The construction and industrial fields are characterized by toughness. Tough jobs make up the bulk of the tasks professionals face in these fields, but some jobs are simply too tough to complete without tools. Tools, like the van cherry picker, help to make jobs easier by allowing workers to access heights that are out of normal human reach. Aptly described as the workhorse of the industrial world, cherry pickers have been supporting skilled workers across a wide cross-section of industries for decades.

From humble beginnings in the mind of a teenage boy in 1944, the cherry picker, formerly known as the boom lifter has evolved into the powerhouse it is today. The device was conceptualized by Jay Eitel as a way to solve the problems he faced picking cherries in the summer, but over time, others saw how handy it was for a multiplicity of purposes.

The Cherry Picker in Agriculture

The cherry picker has remained true to its original intended use. Today farmers around the world use the cherry picker to elevate human hands to the heights of trees for pruning, applying treatments and reaping fruits. It allows for faster reaping and also helps to improve the volume of produce gathered.

The Cherry Picker in Construction, Building Maintenance, and Utility Work

Cherry picker vans also help professionals to access utility poles and power lines in order to effect repairs and carry out maintenance work.  Building maintenance teams also find the cherry picker to be very useful. By using it, teams can get access to windows that need cleaning or repairs, as well as roofs and eaves. Paint jobs are also made easier by this

One of the reasons it works so well for these professionals is that unlike a ladder, it allows for flexible horizontal movement while in suspension mode. Additionally, it affords workers the opportunity to work more efficiently since they don’t have to focus on balancing their tools plus their bodies on a ladder.

The Cherry Picker in The Movie Industry

In order to capture certain scenes, cameramen need to shoot from specific vantage points. Often this vantage point is high above the ground. The cherry picker is the go-to tool for this. Recording at sporting events often used cherry pickers as well. 

With the help of cherry pickers

Van mounted cherry pickers help to minimize the risks associated with tasks that must be completed at high elevation. They are excellent replacements for ladders, which pose grave safety risks and often trigger fear in workers who know that they are not very safe when perched on them. The van mounted cherry picker is preferred because the worker who is propelled to the desired height can feel more confident in the stability it offers.

A Van Cherry Picker May Save You Money

If you’re in any of these industries or if you often find yourself needing to do work at an elevated position, you’ll most likely need a cherry picker. And your best chance of landing a good deal on one of these height-accessing equipment will come from a cherry picker manufacturer who is reputable.

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