Western Union Philippines is the new Guinness World Record holder for world’s largest coin mosaic

Western Union Philippines, a leader in global payment services, successfully created the World’s Largest Coin Mosaic as validated by Guinness World Records. Jack Brockbank, judge from Guinness World Records, confirmed that Western Unions’ coin mosaic is indeed the largest ever made in terms of surface area.

world's largest coin mosaic 2015

Western Union’s coin mosaic measures 252.78 square meters, beating the previous record of 156 square-meter from the U.S. last April. The mosaic forms the image of the company’s 25th anniversary logo with the image of a rising sun to represent hope and a brighter future while the abstract of a dove symbolizes the company’s ambition for the young children who will benefit from this project.

world's largest coin mosaic by western union

They used Php 5 and 10-centavo copper coins, bronze-colored 25-centavo coins, silver-finished 1-peso coins, gold-finished 5-peso coins, and the dual toned 10-peso coins.

western union world's largest coin mosaic

western union world's largest coin mosaic

The total value of the coins used in the mosaic will be part of Western Union’s TANYAG program which stands for Technology Aiding the Nation’s Youth to Accelerate Growth. Western Union will provide multimedia libraries to 25 schools, five of which in Metro Manila, ten in Luzon, six in Visayas region, and four in Mindanao.

Congratulations Western Union on your 25th year of service in the Philippines and for being the new Guinness World Record Holder of World’s Largest Coin Mosaic!

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