V-day beauty haul: Beauty Credit and Elianto

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day, I’m very vocal about it throughout the years. I have that icky feeling at the thought of me carrying a bouquet of flowers on a date. Besides, Valentine’s day celebration in the Philippines has become trivial and commercialized already, peace!

We still went to the mall last Saturday just like any ordinary weekends. As expected, a lot of couples and families flocked to Mall of Asia and restaurants were crowded especially lunch time and dinner time. I’m on the look-out for a motorcycle jacket, found one at People are People but decided to let it pass. I’m still thinking whether to get the motorcycle jacket I saw from Solo or the one from People are People, we’ll see…

What I was able to score are nail polishes from Elianto and beauty products from a new Korean brand, Beauty Credit. Summer is around the corner and I’m getting tired of my clear nail polish so I bought 3D nail stickers and nail polishes in yummy colors. Nail polishes are Php 99 each.

Nail stickers and nail polishes from Elianto (Php 99 each)

colors from left: coral, turquoise, brown, bisque, navy, colorless

I passed by Watsons just to buy a nail clipper but I saw the variety of Korean Beauty Products available in the store. I remembered my friend Jehan Kim who is a fan of Korean beauty products and everything Korean, she swears that Korean beauty products really works albeit expensive. I snagged some facial mask packs, Green Tea and Coenzyme Q10, from C&F brand.

C&F facial mask packs at Php 49.75 each

I was making my way to the VMV counter when the sales assistant from Beauty Credit asked me to try their products. I ended up buying these…

Beauty Credit loot

Charcoal Nose Pore Cleaning Patch, Mousse Pack, Powder Foundation, CoQ10 from Beauty Credit

I bought the Lovely Powder Pact Matt 23 (Natural Beige), Php 765, Royal Jelly Yellow Soil Mousse Pack, Php 713, Charcoal Nose Pore Cleaning Patch, Php 35, they also gave samples of CoQ10 moisturizer. I am amazed with their nose patch because it really lifts off your blackheads/whiteheads. I also love the Powder Foundation because it made my skin glow. The Mousse Pack really leaves my skin smooth and firm after the application. I was completely clueless on the brand before buying it so I googled them when I got home. Beauty Credit is a Korean brand and you can only find them in Watsons Mall of Asia (beside National Bookstore). They have make-up and skin care products, most of them have CoQ10. I will try to post a detailed review on their products in the coming weeks.

Beauty Credit is only available at Watsons, Mall of Asia.

Elianto website:


  1. good haul! i’m jealous! XD


  2. oh yeah..you got a lot of nice stuff here. love the nailpolishes


  3. hi Badet! thanks for the special mention, kkk…

    i hope you’ll find them really nice. as for korean products, the longer you use them, the better the effect you’ll see. they don’t just make make ups but they also see to it that your skin gets the treatment or pampering it needs…


  4. earthlingorgeous says

    what can I say you’re a certified shopaholic! LMAO! love those nail polish.



  5. ~*~ Badet ~*~ says

    Hahaha, thanks Earth. Feeling ko may Shopaholic contest pa rin ngayon. =)


  6. Ooooh. I’m gonna take a look at that Beauty Credit counter when I get the time! Intriguing!:)


  7. toxic disco boy says

    i have a love hate thing for korean beauty products. most of them contain heavy moisturizers and that’s usually bad for my skin. 🙁

    love the polishes btw! those are some serious colors!


  8. @ toxic disco boy:

    oh i hope you will find the right product for you…

    for koreans are after the “nourishment” of the skin…

    when i started having pimples again here, we had to search for the product that would really work for me. i used ProAcive and Murad but korea’s version of them has cleared my skin.

    be patient and let the product eventually work for you: “pamper and nourish your skin”…


  9. Wow! What a haul!


  10. ay grabe nawiwindang ako everytime nababasa ko mga binibili mo. ang lupit sa gastos hahaha. galit ka ata sa pera 😛



  11. love this haul.. i wanna check this brand.. looks interesting.. 😀

    donnarence’s last blog post..Package from Korea + never ending excitement


  12. do you sell your elianto turquoise?? coz im looking for it and elianto is out in the phil already. thanks


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