After settling in our new final room, we’re now just rearranging the bed, cabinets and other storage containers. Yes, this room is small compared to my parents’ room where we stayed temporarily, airconditioned, bigger bed and has cable TV. Moving to a smaller room, we’ll just amuse ourselves with our laptops since we can’t bring our old bulky television because of the limited space. If we only have a budget for an LCD TV which we could hang in our stark white walls.

It’s funny how we sleep so early these days, it’s because we don’t have anything to watch except for Youtube or Facebook videos. I miss those weekends when we’re just lazing around and watching some Blu-Ray titles from Jeff’s collection. Now, the only amusement we have is Gwen, hehe. We play with her until she gets sleepy, after that, this TV-less couple either surfs the net or just sleep early.


  1. TV-less and yet Quality Time….


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