The Health Benefits of Chinese Soups

If you’ve been to an authentic Chinese restaurant then the terms Bird’s Nest, Hot and Sour Soup are already common to you by now. These soups are often very popular and a staple in a Chinese dining setting. Soups of course are considered as appetizers but for the Chinese cultures these soups are also believed to contribute to one’s wellness and good health.

Traditions in most Asian cultures involve the belief in the concept of balance or the Yin and Yang. This is also clearly manifested on the dishes that are often served in their dining table. Soups are believed to help cure illnesses, boost the immune system and strengthen the body. The ingredients are all-natural, fresh and prepared only when it is about to be consumed.

It is very common to drink soup when one is suffering from fever or colds. The hot and sour soup along with ones that includes ginger or ginseng are good for those with colds while a winter melon is best for those with fever and ideal to eat during the summer months because of its cooling properties. This only shows how these soups are not merely treated as part of a menu but rather an integral part in the lives of the locals especially when it comes to improving their health.


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  1. My Indian husband loves Chinese soup to bits!


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