The Generics Pharmacy delivers via City Delivery

Here’s some good news to everyone who loves the convenience of online shopping and deliveries. Your  medicines can now be delivered at your doorstep. Thanks to the partnership of The Generics Pharmacy and City Delivery.

The Generics Pharmacy, being known to be one of the most trusted drugstores that bring benefits of generic medicine, has been the answer for the constant need for reasonably priced medicines nowadays. Now, City Delivery is proud to announce that the first ever real-time medicine delivery in the metro is here!

Thank God for generics medicines, they are friendly to our budget but gives the same efficacy as branded medicines. Here’s a sample of The Generics Pharmacy delivery.

Complete line of medicines for kids and adults. They have syrup and tablet forms.

A minimum order of Php 1000 is required. For over-the-counter medicines, just place your order directly via the call center, SMS or their website. For medicines that need prescription, a scanned/faxed copy of your prescription is required before the order will be processed.

Now, my medicine cabinet will be well-stocked without me falling in line in the drugstores and even leaving my comfy seat.

City Delivery hotline: 87878 or 09176387878
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  1. Thank you for this post, I wasn’t aware there’s a minimum of Php1000 for deliveries. These is indeed one way of reaching out to customers.


  2. It is good to know that Generic Pharmacy is now offering this kind of service to consumers. Sadly, the minimum purchase is quite high considering the price of their medicines.


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